Check This Out, Ladies! This Black Woman-Owned Auto Repair Shop Doubles As A Beauty Salon!


When visiting the auto repair shop, Patrice Banks used to fear that the mechanics were taking advantage of her.

Clearly, her fears were not unique. It’s known that countless women across the women get taken advantage of at men-owned auto repair shops.

So, she came up with a genius solution.

Enough is Enough

Girls Auto Clinic and Clutch Beauty Bar

Instead of relying on men who more than likely are taking advantage of women, Patrice launched her own company.

Girls Auto Clinic is operated by women, and it’s geared towards women to give them a more comfortable and generally better experience.

Unlike male-owned auto repair shops that usually rip off their female clientele, Girls Auto Clinic has female staff members who focus on service. They are patient as they take their customers through each step.

They also make their clients more repair-savvy; each month, they host free workshops that teach simple, straightforward lessons on car maintenance.

However, they have one specific twist that no male-owned auto repair shop offers: there is an on-site beauty parlor.

A Relaxing Change

The auto clinic’s waiting area also acts as a salon, allowing customers to get their nails and hair done as their wait for their car to be tuned up.

The ‘Clutch Beauty Bar’ also has a lounge where you can watch TV or read a book. The beauty bar also offers a beverage and snack or a glass of wine on the house.

Their goal is to pamper every client and give them an experience that will have them coming back for more.

Getting The Killer Idea

Patrice revealed that after she got ripped off at an auto repair shop, she instantly realized that her negative experience was actually a potential business opportunity.

She acted on this immediately: she quit her engineer job, took night classes that qualified her as an auto mechanic, and launched her store with other “auto gals”.

The timing couldn’t have been better, because the country needs a lot more auto mechanics. Right now, only 2% are women.

And women are still being overcharged at auto repair shops, so what Patrice is offering is hopefully the first step towards a country with as many women-owned auto repair shops as men.


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