5 Black Women Make History By Launching CBD Infused Cooking Oil Line


The B.E. Well Company is an organization that sells quality hemp-based products to people seeking an alternative for modern medicine. Its products range from CBD to olive oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, and more.

And it’s owned by 5 Black female family members. The owners include an aunt, twin sisters, and two of their cousins.

The B.E. Well Company is the first and only company selling CBD-infused oils that’s owned exclusively by Black people.

Its products are both non-GMO and organic.

The women launched it to help women get CBD daily together with the health benefits of good healthy fats as opposed to using butter, margarine, and regular oils.

CBD-Infused Oils—The Future of Cooking

CBD-infused cooking oil, B.E Well Company

Each of the company’s products serves organic, Colorado-grown CBD. Millions of women are currently turning to CBD for assistance with issues like hormonal imbalances and PMS. The B.E. Well Company offers that and more. The good fats in its products, like the fats in avocado oil and olive oil, have been clinically proven to improve heart health and lower cholesterol.

Mali Montgomery, a co-founder, is a well-known Atlanta Physician Assistant. With her expertise, she helps in overseeing product development. The twin sisters, Sherie and Sherita Murphy, recently appeared in the blockbuster Coming 2 America. The sisters are leveraging the success from their movie appearances and their music careers to launch the company’s products into stores.

Sherita revealed that they started the company in their kitchen. Their wish is to extend this to the kitchens of other women who come from all walks of life. This is where women have conversations over food.

The twins’ aunt, Regina Murphy, develops recipes using the oils. She also has cooking demonstrations that teach people how to use the company’s CBD-infused oils in their own kitchens.

When it comes to marketing, Ayanna Carver is the person in charge. The women have also hired Chef Swan Simpson, a celebrity chef and CBD Infusion Master, to work with them to set up the brand’s product identity.

If The B.E. Well Company’s products interest you, here is their website.


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