Check Them Out! Our Favorite Black Celebrity Couples are on Holiday in Greece!

Photo credit: Twitter - Magic Johnson

Black love lasts, and some of our favorite Black celebrity couples recently went to Greece for their summer holiday.

What makes this different is that they all went together!

So, which Black celebrity couples are we talking about?

Tina Knowles Lawson and Richard Lawson

Black celebrity couples
Photo credit: Refinery29

The mom who birthed the legendary Beyonce has been married for 7 years.

But they’ve known each other far longer.

In an Instagram post she shared last year, Tina Knowles revealed that she met her husband 39 years ago.

The stars did not align for them initially—since Tina had been married to her ex-husband Martin for almost three decades.

But she has a second chance, and it’s with someone she has known for a long time.

This is among the Black celebrity couples we are rooting for.

LaTanya Richardson Jackson and Samuel L Jackson

Photo credit: Instagram – LaTanya Richardson Jackson

Now, this is a power couple!

LaTanya and Samuel Jackson have been together for more than 40 years.

They met in the ’80s at HBCUs Morehouse and Spelman and have been together since.

They have a daughter together, Zoe.

Cookie and Magic Johnson

Photo credit: Twitter – Magic Johnson

The Johnsons are veterans when it comes to Black celebrity couples.

They have been through various ups and downs and have two kids: Elisa Johnson and EJ Johnson.

Simone Smith and LL Cool J

Photo credit: Instagram – Simone Smith

The pair both come from Queens and dated for 8 years before finally getting hitched.

They have 4 kids together, all grown, and have overcome many hurdles.

Vicki and John Palmer

Black celebrity couples
Photo credit: Instagram – Vicki Palmer

The Palmers aren’t just life partners; they are also business partners.

They have a 33-year-old daughter and have been together for 24 whole years.

They are also close friends with the Jacksons.

What The Black Celebrity Couples Did on Holiday

Photo credit: Twitter – Magic Johnson

So, what were they up to in Greece?

Naturally, they enjoyed stunning views.

But they also visited various historical landmarks like:

  • Santorini’s Church of the Three Bells of Fira
  • Corinth Canal
  • Acropolis of Athens

Celebrating over 100 Combined Years of Marriage

Photo credit: Instagram – sislovespurple

That’s right!

Combined, these couples share over a century of marriage.

This is despite the distinct hurdles that fame and fortune can bring.

They are an inspiration, and we hope they share many more years of marriage.

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