Black Owned Brand Honey Pot Sales Doubled Yesterday Following The Target Ad Backlash

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Yesterday on Facebook we shared a post that asked you all to go leave a positive review for the Honey Pot brand because of the influx of negative reviews they received because of their feature in a Target ad for Black History Month and Woman’s History Month.

According to the HuffPost The Black History Month and Women’s History Month ad spot features company founder and CEO Beatrice Dixon, who reflects on the struggles she faced founding the plant-based feminine hygiene brand.

“The reason why it’s so important for Honey Pot to do well is so the next Black girl that comes up with a great idea, she could have a better opportunity. That means a lot to me,” Dixon says at the end of the ad.

“The whole reason I started The Honey Pot Co was because I was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn’t get relief. One night, an ancestor visited me in a dream and gifted me with a vision to heal myself,” Dixon writes on the company’s website. “With her help, I created the Honey Pot Co to solve for what other brands wouldn’t, using the power of herbs.”

On Monday, Honey Pot trended on Twitter after people noted that the brand’s profile on business review site Trustpilot was being targeted with one-star ratings.

People who were apparently offended by the ad’s empowering message for young Black entrepreneurs bemoaned the ad as “racist” and “uninclusive.” Other trolls left fake bad reviews about the product.

Of course we all then jumped into action countering the nasty reviews and by Monday evening Trustpilot suspended Honey Pot’s profile because of the influx of comments. They shared with the HuffPost team that they had to sift through over 15000 reviews and were removing the ones that according to them are a violation of the platform’s guidelines. (according to its site, includes the use of hate speech or language that has a “sexist or racial character.”)

Hundreds of Twitter users shared support for the brand, highlighting the systemic obstacles faced by Black female entrepreneurs and the need for more messages like the one in the Target commercial, praising trailblazers like The Honey Pot’s founder. The brand’s rating was at five stars on Monday.

The outpouring of positive messages saw The Honey Pot’s sales double by almost 50% on Monday, Dixon told BuzzFeed. Following the backlash, sales across the brand’s retailers have increased 20 to 30%, she said.

“I said nothing about our product being only for black girls,” Dixon noted. She also highlighted the company’s tagline: “made by humans with vaginas, for humans with vaginas.”

In an interview with Essence, Dixon drew attention to the urgent need for funding to Black women-owned businesses. She highlighted the Project Diane study from Digital Undivided that found that only 0.06% of all tech venture funding issued between 2009 and 2017 had gone to Black women-led startups.

“Until the disparity isn’t a disparity, it has to be talked about. I don’t necessarily expect the people making the [negative] comments to know that,” Dixon told Essence.

Read some of the positive tweets:

What happened yesterday was nothing short of amazing, I hope their sales continue to rise!

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  1. I purchased this morning with the whole intention to show support. Best wishes for success in years to come, Honey Pot.

  2. It’s funny how feminists are good with being feminists until it’s not about white feminists and then it’s a problem! FOH Inhope HoneyPot sales go through the roof!

    • I’m a white feminist and I love this.,The white people calling themselves feminist and starting the the problems are not feminist. They are white liberal women who say they are inclusive and feminist but are not. They have one agenda and that is themselves. Go HoneyPot!!!! Trail blaze away!!!!!!

      • So Nettie
        Why would you even say they are white liberal feminists? Politics was never brought up until you opened your mouth. That’s what’s wrong with people like you, always putting a label on people and you have No idea who you’re talking about. DJ said it correctly when he spoke because it doesn’t matter your political background most white women hate to see black women prosper..

  3. First of all it was really all that long ago when blacks were excluded from everything. Second we couldn’t use pantene so we used crème of nature and didn’t say jack…and I’m quite sure there were some white people who said well they can make and use their own stuff. Now we do, and NOW the wanna holler that it’s not being inclusive? STFU AND USE IT ANYWAY JUST LIKE WE DID!!!!

  4. Them when we say we’re underrepresented: “Make your own.”

    Then when we make our own: “THAT’S RACIST!”

    Make it make sense.

  5. Why can’t women be proud of another woman – the nasty comments are just jealously. I am proud of her for following her dream and making it real. You go girl!!!!

  6. I read some of the comments on another news site. Never crossed my mind the there was anything racist when I saw the commercial. Personally I feel empowering any woman empowers us all regardless.

  7. Wow! I saw the ad and immediately thought “I want to buy this product and support this black woman.” I can’t believe other people thought instead to go and attack this business. People were probably also upset that her products are for people with vaginas. I know I will definitely be buying Honey Pot products on my next trip to Target!

  8. Very proud of you. Love what you are doing. God bless you in every way. Be encouraged and stay focus. my family and I will purchases your product.
    god is with you, and the devil can’t touch you.

  9. Sis do your thang. I’m super proud of you. Hate to say it but we so use to this that it seems normal!
    We are not excluding you but we will NOT be excluded any longer.

  10. Caucasians are who the same beings they have always been. We EVEO or BLACK People have lived in their extremely racist world they created for themselves to be comfortable in as they used, abused, disrespected us and cold-bloodedly murder our people. Moreover, Caucasians do not feel we should produce products made by us that are for us, unless it is by them to profit off of. Caucasians do not read very well as usual, as they turn a ant hill into a mountain as they bitterly and hatefully complain, accusing BLACK People of making products just for themselves; because she encourages other BLACK Women to also create a product from a need to become successful entrepreneurs. How dare we as BLACK women do not include their racist selfish rude butts into our conversations to uplift them too? When have Caucasians ever uplifted BLACK Women and yet they talk out of the side of their mouths as they pretend they do not see what they themselves do heavily and jealousy to leave us out of their circles or allow us any opportunities to succeed. These Caucasians that have the nerves to open their mouths and lie about they will never buy this lady’s new product to support her, knowing darn well they would never ever bu6 her products. They are only angry that Target allowed this Black Woman a chance to place her products in their store! Simple as that! I can only say to this beautiful intelligent Black Lady is to press on and bring your products to the home of your EVEO BLACK Ancestors in Africa where the people will gladly use them also. Place your product on Black Social Media that is open8ng up for it has been 400 years in this hell that Caucasians happily placed us in and we are awaking to know who we have always been and our EVEO/BLACK/IVRI/ancientHebrew ancestors can not be more joyful!!!

    • Please don’t blame all whites for how some white people act. I saw the ad and was very impressed. We all are not racist. I’m my!! I wish this beautiful young lady the very best and I’m excited about her product. I am planning on using it soon.

  11. Thanks to the haters, this hit my radar. So thank you haters, take a bow 👍👏🙌 Indeed, I will be buying up Honey Pot everything. Supporting my sisters to the finish by investing my dollars. Go Honey Pot!!🤗❤

  12. Wow!!

    I’ve been seeing the commercial and was planning to see what it was about.
    Now that I know and see it’s been an uproar about and black woman creating something for ALL women. I must spend my black dollar on it.

    It’s is sad when everything is a race issue. I wish we all looked alike and no race issues!! lol. Do Asians have race issues? Asking for a friend.

    • Lol, Asians do indeed have race issues. Our issues differ from those of black folks, of course, but they are issues of race, nonetheless.

  13. I absolutely love the fact that we as people of color are creating our own line of products and the only problem I have is other people of color needs to support our people more we been buying others products making them multi millionaires and I am definitely going to support just please support mines as well, congratulations#HoneyPot

  14. I will be making a trip to Target tomorrow and I am going to buy as many Honey Pot products as I can use. I think your company and your goals are outstanding and I support you 100%. Women work hard, and hard work should be recognized and rewarded! Best of luck as your business grows!

  15. Order some of her products tonight they are forever sold out in the stores. Ordered from Target.Com support!!!!!!

  16. I’m a white girl and I LOVE the Honeypot products! I am horrified and disgusted by the rascist ignorance toward this brand. Honeypot….Thank you for making female-forward products for EVERY woman! We all experience issues from time to time and I love to see female powered businesses! Thank you Honeypot! You can count on this girl for support!!!❤️

  17. I love the Target commercial. I have 4 black daughters and one black granddaughter. I want them to see that they too can be successful with their own businesses. I want to see more commercials with young black girls and boys succeeding and paving the way for their generation and the next.

  18. I’m sorry white women that you don’t have the luxury of turning on the tv and catching that 1 commercial that inspires you or empowers your little girl, despite all the racism and bigotry the country you live in is rooted upon.

    So to the makers of Kotex, Stayfree, Playtex, Summers Eve, Always, O.b., Carefree, Vagisil, RePHresh……these ANGRY WHITE WOMEN in the comment section and all over the world is what truly failing your people looks like.

    And to the beautiful Beatrice Dixon thank you!

  19. I stumbled across Honey Pot in Target a few weeks ago before ever having seen the commercials. I’ve always had super sensitive skin, so finding products that doesn’t my skin angry is pretty tricky. But Honey Pot has been nothing but amazing for me! I loved the product before the commercial, and I love it even more now. I’m all about strong women supporting other strong women!! I’m a supporter for life! 🍯🐝

  20. There’s nothing racist about that commercial. Anyone angry about it is just looking for an excuse to be a cu– well. There’s no alternative. They need HoneyPot feminine care for it. Keep going, baby, you either so hard and you deserve your success. — A white woman that would rather empower great ideas from every source.

  21. Why am I not surprised by the tears of white women who are feeling some kind of way about the @target ad for Homey Pot products? The tagline says made by humans with vaginas for humans with vaginas. The human that is the creator of the product happens to be black. She speaks about being black. But she included the haters of her blackness in her tagline of being HUMAN! To those white women or people who are clearly having an issue with founder, CEO Beatrice Dixon, are you not human? Did she not cover you in the human statement? You all tend to hate the color but have no issue with misappropriating the culture. Congratulations Beatrice! I love your product and to Target 🎯 way to go!

  22. What’s funny is , the BULK of tv commercials target, depict and market to white consumers– in all aspects of life; and has doneso for “ever.” People get angry when the status quo is disturbed. I am sure some of these same people are those who complained because of the cherrios commercial with an inter-racial couple. Non-white people want to be recognized too.

  23. Now I gotta go buy me some Honey Pot to show support of black business and I’m sure its good. When they go low we go high.

  24. I am a “white woman” who checked these products out as soon as I saw the ad. These are not just for black women but I love the idea of giving empowerment to women of color everywhere! To pick apart an ad based simply on the facts that it provides opportunity to others than yourself is nothing but selfish and single-minded I am a woman–we all have the same body parts and anyone can use these!

  25. I love the HONEY POT commercial and I’m truly saddened by the fact that people are trying to tear down a #BLACKQUEEN. It’s not fair. I mean how much more of this do we as black people/women have to deal with this?? I wish we could just all get along and do whatever it takes to get build each other up no matter the race or anything!!!!

  26. So proud of you, keep up the good work. Little girls should know that different products are made by many diverse cultures.

  27. I looooove Honey Pot and the Entrepreneur behind it! You go black girl we all are right behind you! Not only do we need to practice what we preach we as black people need to learn to come together and be supportive of each other! Let’s not let this be the first or last business we support! Each one, teach one and reach back and help someone else! Teach our young people the importance of entrepreneurship! As for all the haters you might as well have a seat because we got something to show you! Lol!


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