Try These Feng Shui Tips To Attract the Energy of Wealth To Your Home

source: eargardn
source: eargardn

Feng Shui is a Chinese philosophy and practice that teaches you how to create an environment of balance and harmony using principles of the natural world. Using direction, color, elements, and symbolism as indicators of both good fortune and misfortune, Feng Shui helps to promote general well-being in health, wealth, partnerships, family, children, education, and other key areas of our lives. Looking for a way to cultivate more positivity and abundance in your home and life? Try these Feng Shui tips to attract the energy of wealth to your home.

Make Sure Your Front Door Is Clear And Protected
Literally and symbolically, the front door is where people, things, and energy enters your home⁠—for better or worse. When you’re trying to attract money, the best thing you can do is make sure your front door is clear and protected. You can do this by removing all clutter like garbage bins and ashtrays, fixing broken doorbells or knobs, and using protection symbols like lotus flowers, dragons, or a laughing Buddha. You may even do a smoke cleanse by waving burning bundles of plants and herbs around the frame of your door for extra protection.

Bring In Strong Wealth-Attracting Symbolism
Like attracts like, so what better way to bring in wealth than to display it in your home? Decorating with colors related to wealth such as gold and purple, money trees, and various crystals is a good way to bring in the energy of money and abundance. A well-placed aquarium with bright colored fish, green plants, and gravel or pebbles at the bottom is also a popular feng shui technique to invite wealth into your home.

Attract Good Chi In Your Home
“Creating good Chi” simply means to bring balanced and harmonious energy into your home. Whether you’re trying to manifest more money, a healthy relationship, or better health, you can’t expect any of it to flow to you if you don’t create a space of good energy in your life. In order to attract good Chi, you must clear clutter, dust and clean your home often, clean off your balcony or front step, wipe down your mirrors, and throw away old items taking up space in your closets. Good Chi is all about creating clarity and space for the beneficial energy to flow all throughout your home.

Decorate According To Direction
One of the main pillars of Feng Shui is utilizing directions to the best of your ability. It’s believed that how and where you place your furniture and decorations can actually bring both good and bad luck to you. South East is the direction of wealth and North is the direction of career success, so it’s always a good idea to pay attention to both directions when decorating as they both have the ability to bring abundance or drain your pockets.

For South Eastern part of your home: 

  • Keep water-related items like vases and aquariums in this part of the house, but avoid feeding the fish while in the tank as it’s symbolic of money loss.
  • If your bathroom or kitchen is located in this part of the home, keep candles or images of light in both areas.
  • Set up Chinese jade plants and money trees.
  • Decorate using shades of green, wooden furniture, gems, and small fountains.

For Northern part of home: 

  • It’s especially important to keep this part of your home clean and clutter free.
  • Utilize wind chimes, coins, and other mental furniture. Blue and black decor are also said to bring good fortune.
  • For bedrooms, keep plants, fish, and all water-related things out of your space.
  • If your bathroom or kitchen is located North, wooden decor and plants will bring better fortune.


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