These 5 Black-Owned Wellness Brands Will Take Your Self Care Routine To The Next Level

Black-Owned Wellness Brands

There’s something really special about loving on and caring for yourself when the products and items you use were made for people like you, by people like you. That’s why it’s so incredible (and important!) to see black-owned wellness platforms creating space for black women to thrive and grow alone—and together. 

From personal hygiene to lifestyle and fitness, there are so many dope, woman-led businesses that are dedicated to improving your health and overall wellbeing.

Here are a few black-owned wellness brands that’ll surely take your daily and weekly self-care routines to the next level. 

The Honey Pot 

Founded by Bea Dixon, The Honey Pot is a plant-based feminine care system that specializes in cleansing and balancing the vagina without using any toxic chemicals and ingredients in their products. The brand offers everything from cleansing wipes to sensitive washes for mommies to be, and is 100% recyclable, cruelty-free, and backed by science.

Why you need it: If we’re being real, there are way too many brands that care about your money more than they care about your health. The Honey Pot is not one. Making sure your lady parts are healthy from the inside out is something you must do, and this brand gives you a super relatable, health-conscious zone to do it in. 

Ivy’s Tea Co.

Owned and operated by first-generation herbalist Shanae Jones, Ivy Tea Co. is a Hip-Hop culture inspired herbal tea company. They offer an abundance of various herbal blends, along with their best-selling flavored honey, to help you nourish and heal your body in the most delicious way possible—all while paying homage to the culture we know and love. 

Why you need it: Unlike some of the more well-known tea companies, Ivy Tea Co. is handcrafted, full-leaf, and organic. That means none of the blends are made with pesticides or encased in those toxic white tea bags; You can drink all of her blends with a peace of mind knowing that what you’re drinking is pure and genuinely made with wellness in mind.



Founded by Dr. Kristian Edwards, BLK+GRN is a personal wellness product marketplace that only offers clean, natural products created by Black artisans with strong cruelty-free ethics. The marketplace takes special care not to offer anything that is clean via marketing, but toxic in actuality by putting all of their products through quality testing and review. 

Why you need it: BLK+GRN is not just a retail platform—it’s a whole community. Not only do they encourage you to live a healthier life overall, but they give you the resources to do so. This includes an extensive list of toxic ingredients to avoid when you do your shopping elsewhere. But why even shop anywhere else? They truly have everything you need. 

Chakra Zulu

Founded by Paula Hopkins, Chakra Zulu is a one-stop-shop for sacred healing crystals and other spiritual goods to help you heal and align yourself on a metaphysical l level. In addition to their beautifully rare gemstones, the shop also offers smoke cleansing tools such as sage and incense, as well as spiritually-themed jewelry and home decor .

Why you need it: Often times when we talk about wellness, there’s a laser focus on catering to the mind and body, forgetting that the soul is the key part of us that needs to be cared for and nourished. Chakra Zulu as an establishment that helps you create personal comfort and peace in both your internal and external environments. 


Oui The People

Founded by Karen Young, Oui The People is a progressive beauty brand that aims to reshape the idea of what being “beautiful” actually means by showing people that beauty is a standard you create for yourself. They offer mindful, reaffirming messaging in their merch, along with gender-neutral bodycare, shaving goods, bath soaks and masks. 

Why you need it: Wellness is all about the entirety of your well-being and Oui The People believes that you cannot possibly be well until you accept and love yourself as is. I second that notion. This brand helps you build a self-care wellness routine that is less about changing yourself, and more about being yourself with absolutely no judgement. 

Have you tried any of these black-owned wellness brands? What about others? Comment below and let us know!



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