This Blow Dryer Is Also A Paddle Brush And The Reviews Have Been Great!


Have you all seen this blow dryer yet? It’s the Phillips Procare Airstyler and I have seen two videos so demonstrating how it works on thick 4C natural hair.

Let me very clear, I am always skeptical of any sort of new-ish heat based tool because I invested in that flat iron brush thing that was trending a few months ago and it was a huge FAIL!

This, however, if you are into heat styling is low key lit! I am going to allow you to make up your own mind from these demonstrations:

Watch Shanilia26 below:

Quick tutorial on how I stretch my hair. The tool I’m using is called the Phillips Procare Airstyler and it’s a blowdryer with a paddlebrush attachment. I absolutely love this tool because it gets the job done in max 30 min on damp hair, it causes little to no breakage and, if used properly, no heatdamage. This is the same tool I use on my girls when I stretch their hair. Its very kid friendly. It doesnt get extremely hot amd the brush is suitable for kinky hair so no fears and no tears! ?????? SONG: BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL BY @itskotababy ———————– #naturalhairdoescare #naturalhairjourney #blackhair #protectivestyles #blackboldandnatural #healthyhairjourney #myhaircrush #naturalchixs #blackhair #teamnatural #naturallyshedope #curls_aunatural #healthy_hair_journey #unconditionedroots #naturalrootsista #kinky_chicks1 #berrycurly #kinkychicks #naturalhair #twistout #curlswithlove #protectivestyles #teamnatural

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Now watch Laila:

Update 12/26/2017 – One more review!

Purchase the Revlon version on Amazon here!


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