Play Up Your Look With These 5 Bold And Edgy Trends


The New Year is right around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to ditch some outdated looks and try some new trends to introduce your wardrobe and beauty bag to fresh products and styles.

Below are 5 bold and edgy “alternative black girl”-inspired trends to help play up your look a little this season.

Glossy Lids

A black woman slaying the glossy lids look?! I might try it, now!!

A complete switch from the classic matte eyeshadow trend, glossy lids are a cute, simple way to make your dull or muted eyeshadow pop or add a little glow to your look. Sure, you could take your favorite clear gloss and rub it over your eyelid, but that could be sticky and difficult.

Luckily, they have products like Butter London’s Glazen Eye Gloss that applies like a gel and dries like a powder, so you get all the gloss and none of the stickiness! Just dab your finger in the product and blend it from the inner corner of your eyelid and out.

Faux Freckles

Thinking of doing a tutorial on my faux freckle looks black girl light hair #lacewig

Inspired by R&B singer Sza and made ridiculously popular on Instagram, faux freckles are an adorable addition to natural or “no makeup” makeup looks. This was initially created as a fun spring and summer trend, but I personally think that if you want your freckles to stay put– the less sweat the better; any cool day will do!

For realistic freckles, take a powder or cream makeup product of your choice that is a couple shades darker than your skin and apply it in a random pattern over your nose, cheeks, and/or forehead. Be sure to use something pointed like the end of a rat tail comb or pencil for application.
High Waist Fishnet Tights

Continue reading Fishnets and Denim at Locks & Trinkets.

Fishnets have been around forever, and have probably been styled a million different ways over the years. However, they’re making a big time comeback and can add that edginess you need to offset your wardrobe.

Love ripped jeans, but want a little more coverage? Throw a pair of fishnets under your jeans to make it sexy. You can have even put on a pair of fishnet crew socks (yes, they have those!) under your favorite booties.

Round/Flip Lens Glasses

《Paint it black》 Examples of black smoke / afro-goth culture

I’ll be first to admit that there wasn’t anything “edgy” or “bold” when Dwayne Wayne wore flip up glasses on A Different World, but it certainly was different–and now, it’s fashion forward.

A pair of sunglasses with flip up lenses are not only versatile, but they come in all different colors and patterns that can be easily matched with your makeup or outfit. My favorite go-to is the plain black frame with a poppin’ red lip!


Bold Eyes and Lips

blue yarn box braids

One of the first makeup rules we learn is that we need to pick one or the other; if we’re going to go big with the eyes, we need a simple lip. If the lips are bold, we probably should stick to nothing more than a little mascara. But, rules are meant to be broken!

In the age of “beat face” and “Instagram baddie” makeup looks, we’re slowly warming up to the idea that maybe we can play up our eyes and lips all at the same time.

Now, you don’t have to go all out (not at first!) but a bright lip with a glittery eye, or a cateye with a metallic lip wouldn’t be too bad of a start, right? Right!

Give it a try, and in the meantime, let us know what some of your favorite beauty and fashion trends are in the comments!


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