Here’s Every Buzzworthy Beauty Device Celebs Used to Sculpt Their Skin For The Red Carpet


Getting ready for the red carpet literally takes a village, with glam squads, award-winning stylists, and numerous beauty tools behind those gracious, show-stopping looks.

They’re so dedicated to the culture that they’ll put any tricks, gadgets, and devices necessary. 

Take last month’s Met Gala, where skin prep was given as much attention as the show-stopping fashion sense of the stars in attendance.

The makeup artists working with Gabrielle Union, Olivia DeJonge, and Emma Chamberlain all used magical, high-performance skincare devices that instantly toned their faces so that they’d step onto those famed steps looking like their most radiant, sculpted selves.

With that, let’s look at some of the buzzy beauty devices celebs used at the Met – all of which you can snag for yourself and enjoy the incredible results.

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy, $399

If you’re a newbie to the LED masks universe, CurrentBody’s LED Light Therapy is the coolest device (in a skincare nerdy way) you can use.

It uses a combination of red lights (to boost collagen) and blue lights (to blast acne-triggering bacteria) to target dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles, all at once.

That’s probably why makeup artist Matin Maulawizada used it to prep Elvis star Olivia DeJonge’s skin. It helped calm her skin, reduce pore size and enhance the glow for a memorable MET gala appearance.

NuFace Trinity Facial Toning Device, $339

If sagging and hyperpigmented skin is your bane, you need to try NuFace Trinity.

Just ask model Molly Sims.

Although she’s clearly not dealing with saggy skin, this skincare guru and renowned actress used NuFace to get ready for the MET, where she was crowned one of the few stars to get the event’s Gilded Age dress code.

The device uses microcurrents to stimulate your facial muscles to help enhance collagen production for a more glowy and contoured appearance.

It is also one of the few facial toning devices that comes in a small travel-sized and more miniature version for the lip and eye areas.

Pro Tip from Sims: If the device starts feeling pinchy, add more gel to the area, and it’ll work its wonders.

Also, if you have issues with your smile lines, a few weeks of consistent use of NuFace Trinity and your smile line crisis will be averted.

DermaFlash Luxe Anti-Aging, $199

If you’re frightened of trying micro-needling, derma rolling is the way to go, and the DermaFlash Luxe is your best bet.

The world-class exfoliating device swiftly removes peach fuzz, dead skin cells, and built-up dirt without upsetting your skin’s delicate nature.

It’s one of the reasons Lizzo’s MUA, Alexx Mayo, used it to prep her skin for the MET Gala. The device gently rids the skin of debris, leaving behind a clean canvas with a mirror-smooth finish.

It is also one of the most effortless devices to use.

You just have to start with clean, dry skin, set the device to the lowest setting, and gently use downward strokes to remove all the peach fuzz and dead skin.

What’s more, if you’re looking for a device that can help you make the most out of your serums and moisturizers, DermaFlash Luxe should be your new best friend.

It allows your luxurious skincare products to penetrate and absorb better into your skin to enhance effectiveness, so you get your money’s worth.

SolaWave’s Advanced Skincare Wand, $149

You know how awesome it feels to get a profesh massage? Well, imagine that, but for your face.

SolaWave’s Skincare Wand pinches the contours of your face with the right amount of pressure to help you feel and look refreshed – that’s why celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan used it to prep Emma Chamberlain’s skin.

The device combines four powerful technologies (LED light, heat, microcurrents, and massage) to help reduce the appearance of blemishes, dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. It literally depuffs and energizes your skin in as little as five minutes.

And Emma Chamberlain is not the only star that touts its immense benefits. Doja Cat, Sydney Sweeney, and Vanessa Hudgens claim it’s a staple in their red carpet prep.

FaceGym Pro by Xtreme Pulse, $520

Skincare device

Oquendo used FaceGym Pro to prep Normal People star Daisy Edgar Jones, and let’s just say the tool delivered!

The genius tool uses electrical pulses to stimulate your muscles and instantly firm, lift, and sculpt your skin while giving you that natural glow.

FaceGym Pro also comes with an aloe vera-packed organic activator gel that helps hydrate your skin and enables the device to glide seamlessly.

TheraFace Pro, $399

If you’re yet to invest in a zeitgeisty skincare device, then TheraFace Pro should be your go-to.

Fiona Stiles used this latest TheraFace invention to work on Gabrielle Union’s skin and girlll; this state-of-the-art device is definitely worth the hype.

According to Fiona, the theme of Gilded Glamour and a head-turning Versace dress called for sultry, timeless makeup with a focus on flawless, radiant skin and TheraFace Pro helped deliver this vision.

She first used its Cryo attachment to reduce any puffiness and help rejuvenate the skin. She then placed a hydrating, melting facemask on Gabrielle’s face and used TheraFace Pro with the heat attachment over the mask, allowing the serum to penetrate and absorb better into the skin.

Now that you know the secret to the dewy, glowy, and radiant appearance of celebs during the Met Gala, would you invest in these devices? Be sure to let us know in the comment section below.



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