How Vegan Chef Babette Davis Stays Healthy and Youthful At 70 Years Old


You know what they say right? Give her, her flowers now so when we came across Chef Babette we knew we had to share some of her secrets to looking so darn good.

This is the kind of person I aspire to be.

Her name is Chef Babette Davis.

She is energetic, young, and full of vigor.

That is, until you remember that she is almost 70 years old.

No, I did not stutter. Chef Babette Davis is 68 years old, and she looks decades younger. She attributes this to her lifestyle.

She runs a vegan restaurant, she writes cookbooks, she acts for TV, she advocates for animals, she produces online cooking classes, and she takes part in speaking engagements along with health summits.

Davis is fast to credit her husband, whom she met when she turned 40. She claims that he helped her to embrace a lifestyle of wellness and fitness. Her journey is an inspirational one, and one that we can’t wait to delve into.

From Humble Beginnings

Davis was born and raised in East Los Angeles. There, she was sick for most of her childhood life. She suffered from a plethora of conditions, including asthma, eczema, and allergies.

She also saw the struggle that her mother went through. Davis’ mother used to work two or three jobs at a time, and she was a single parent. Sometimes, she was so busy that she had to send Davis and her siblings to stay with their family or friends.

She remembers that as a child, she had to go through lots of unpleasant situations. In addition to being sick, she experienced a lot of unhappiness as a child. There was abuse in her family, and she was also an unfortunate victim of child molestation.

Times were hard for Davis. They lived in an ancient, dust home. This environment compounded Davis’ physical challenges.

Davis says that the quality of her life improved once she became an adult and she could make decisions of her own. That said, she still spent her 20s and her 30s leading a primarily sedentary lifestyle and eating a typical American diet.

This led to her skin having constant breakouts, and she was constantly bloated.

It was in Davis’ forties that she started to heal, and to thrive.

Bringing the Heat

During their first date, Davis remembers that her prospect, Ron Davis, took her to LA’s Griffith Park. There, he encouraged her to run backwards. He also gave her three books: Arnold Ehret’s Mucusless Diet Healing System, Fit for Life II and Fit for Life.

Even though Davis equated these books with Hare Krishnas, she still read them.

And good thing, too. She found valuable information in the books. They helped her to change her perspective on animal protein and disease.

So, she ultimately decided to open a vegan catering business. Together, she and Ron spent six whole years catering events and selling their vegan food in the parking lot located at the Agape International Spiritual Center.

Then, they spent the next four years preparing to launch their vegan restaurant.

Results You Should See To Believe

Nowadays, Davis arrives at Stuff I Eat in Inglewood each day at around 3am. She and Ron recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of their restaurant.

She still enjoys being in the kitchen, cutting veggies and preparing to share her lifestyle with customers who share her passion for vegan food (and who probably wish they could look half as good as her when they are also close to turning 70).

Davis maintains that she constantly challenges herself physically to this day. She works a lot on her core. And more than anything, she tries to ensure that she always stays fit.

Her lifestyle has been an inspiration to almost 74,000 followers.

Accepting Who She Is

Even though her appearance defies her age, Davis says that looking young is not her main goal. She does not get upset over aesthetics. Instead, she treats the people around her the way that she would like them to treat her. That is the most important look to her.


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