5 Great Apps That’ll Actually Help You Keep Your Wellness-Related Resolutions


Health and wellness related goals are among the most popular resolutions for the New Year. A whole bunch of us would like to lose weight, quit smoking or drinking, commit to more days at the gym, or even try yoga—and never actually do it.

At the very least, we intend to stay on track with our goals, but our actions are never as strong as our intentions. Luckily, there’s an app or two for that! 

Well no, apps can’t make you get off your butt and workout or push you into a mental space of mindfulness, but they can hold you accountable and encourage you to take some much-needed action.

Need the extra push to get the ball rolling on your wellness goals? Here are 5 great apps that’ll actually help you keep your wellness-related resolutions this year. 

Exhale – Emotional-wellness management. 

Exhale is an app curated by and for black women looking to start, maintain, or elevate their respective emotional wellness journeys.

The app uses techniques such as meditation, breathwork, coaching, and affirmations to assist you through a myriad of life’s stages such as grief, inner-peace, empowerment, inner-child healing, microaggressions, and ancestral connection. 

Down Dog – Yoga at-home. 

Whether you’re a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in-between, Down Dog is the perfect app to align you with yoga routines that will keep you well within your comfort zone and push you to grow.

Because it’s a studio-like yoga experience, you’ll have a complete workout along with an instructor’s voice and music of your choice!

The best part about this app is that it offers other workouts such as Barre, HIIT, and prenatal yoga. 

Flo – ovulation and period calendar. 

If you don’t currently track your menstrual cycle, you absolutely need to give Flo a try. Flo is a period and ovulation calendar that helps you track your cycle with efficiency and accuracy.

Flo is great for those of us who want to plan a pregnancy, avoid pregnancy, or simply plan ahead for our periods.

It also manages your moods and symptoms, offers advice about what is healthy and normal and what is not, and there’s an awesome community of women to ask questions and safely share your experiences with. 

Hydro Coach – Drink water reminder and tracker.

Why on Earth would you need an app to remind you to drink water? Who the hell forgets to drink water? Well, probably you and most people you know.

Studies show that 75% of Americans are dehydrated. This is a huge problem considering water is of utmost importance for our internal organs, immune system, brain function, and healthy weight regulation.

Hydro Coach will not only remind you to drink water, but it’ll track your daily progress by setting appropriate goals for you and allowing you to challenge your friends to do the same. 

Intellect – Self-therapy and psychological training. 

Built by professional psychologists, Intellect is an app that makes therapy so easy to understand that you can work on yourself in a deep, profound way.

It gives you deep insight into your personal behaviors, personal relationships, and work habits through an array of comprehensive psychological training programs.

All you have to do is make the decision to improve, and Intellect will guide you through the process. 

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