Chloe Bailey Reacts To Accusations of “Doing Too Much” After Her Jimmy Fallon Performance


Chloe Bailey performed her hit single “Have Mercy” on Jimmy Fallon and as usual she left nothing on the stage.

After her amazing performance the artist started trending on Twitter with a few people throwing shots saying she was ‘doing too much’.

Watch the performance for yourself below:

On Wednesday, Chloe tweeted “Doing too much is her specialty” making it known to fans that she will continue to do what she does the way she chooses to do it.

Many supported Chloe, noting that, it seems as if Chloe is ‘doing too much’ because their faves aren’t doing enough.


In an interview on The Real, Chloe has already acknowledged that she will never be able to please everyone and that her doing too much is who she is.

Watch below:

On Twitter:

If her performance and these pictures are what we are calling “doing too much” then we hope Chloe never changes!

Just beautiful!

Chloe better go on ahead live her best “doing too much” life! This is just the beginning!


  1. Chloe is a beautiful young lady with a nice voice. The desire to become a big name and have a lot of followers and ultimately get big dollars has clouded her sense of morality and decency. Her performance was vulgar, an insult to all women, not just Black women. She is right when she said in an interview that she can’t please everybody but I hope she can find that very fine line between tasteful and tacky.

    • Wow!! Do we reach much?!? Idt her performance was an insult to ALL women! She’s a young lady who feeling herself!! Let her be!! She’s finally able to be sexy w/out having her lil sister around! Geez 🙄 ppl like you get on my nerves! Not everyone is going to fit into what you think I lady should be! 🤦🏾‍♀️😒


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