Ciara Launches New Antimicrobial Accessory Line

Ciara Launches New Antimicrobial Accessory Line

Ciara keeps proving that she’s the queen of leveling up. The singer-songwriter and businesswoman recently launched ‘Dare to Roam’, a new line of accessories.

She revealed on the news on Instagram, saying that she has a cool new project she’s been working on to help others rebuild their confidence.


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Dare to Roam is a stylish product line with prices that range from $42 to $98.

The products are designed to withstand a manner of things, from journeys back to school to days on campus and daily commutes.

They are basically everyday essential gear and accessories that offer elevated protection and style. They are for “those who dare to roam”.

That’s not all the accessory line offers, though. It also discourages germs from collecting on its products.

Ciara Launches New Antimicrobial Accessory Line

According to a press release for Dare to Roam, its products come with custom nylon with a water-resistant finish and antimicrobial protection.

This offers protection against the growth of fungi, mildew, and mold, along with protection from harmful bacteria.

According to the singer-songwriter herself, the product line is geared to help users rebuild their confidence as they go back out into the world.

After most of us have spent so much time indoors, the brand helps us to feel protected as we send our kids to school, start traveling again, and go back to the motions of our everyday lives.

Ciara didn’t form Dare to Roam by herself, though. She partnered with Harper + Scott, a creative agency based in New York.

Ciara also co-founded the Why Not You Foundation together with her husband and football star, Russell Wilson.

The nonprofit fights poverty by offering education, according to its press release. Dare to Roam promises to offer 3% of its profits to benefit the married couple’s nonprofit foundation.

Ciara Launches New Antimicrobial Accessory Line

If Ciara’s latest accessory line has piqued your interest, you can find it by heading over to its official website here.


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