The 8 Best Dark-Skin Friendly Lipstick Shades For The Perfect Pout This Fall

Dark-skin friendly fall ready lipstick

Let’s be real, fall-ready lipstick shades for deep, dark skintones can fall a bit on the boring and basic side.

Yes, we need the nudes and burgundies, but we shouldn’t be afraid to mix it up from time to time.

Especially since fall is full of so many rich colors to choose from.

Looking for the right shade to help you pull off the perfect pout this season? Get into these 10 stylish—and honestly super soft and lavish— lippies that’ll keep you looking fly this fall.

Rare Beauty Lip Soufflé Matte Cream Lipstick in Muted Terracotta, $20

Burnt orange lipstick shade

Orange is one of the core colors of autumn, yet we don’t see it being touted as a go-to lipstick shade very often.

However, this gorgeous Terracotta liquid lippie from Rare Beauty is an exception.

It has a soft, muted brown undertone that takes orange from clownish to classy, making it a vibrant option that’s still perfectly wearable for the day-to-day.


Juvia’s Place The Nude Velveety Matte Lipstick in Chic, $9

Nude lipsticks for dark-skinned women typically fall to the brown and purple ends of the shade spectrum, but let’s not forget that we look great in pink tones, as well!

In fact, a nice solid brown lip liner with this soft pink, velvet matte lipstick from Juvia’s Place is a winning combination that could easily become a fall-time staple in your makeup routine. 


Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain in Dark Forest, $15 

Green is a bit of a curveball, isn’t it?

Fall is the season where we begin moving into cooler temperatures, but somehow all of the colors we gravitate toward are warm and still a bit reminiscent of summer essence.

This season, step out of your comfort zone and tap into the windy and rainy vibes of fall with this dark, cool-toned Forest green from Sephora. 


Mented Semi-Matte Lipstick #5 in Mauve, $18

Mauve is the mother of dark-skinned friendly lipstick because it gives us a nice, fleshy pink that actually matches the natural tones found in our complexion—no matter how warm or how cool our individual undertones may be.

This shade from Mented is particularly great for the fall because not only is it the perfect mauve, but it’s pretty moisturizing to be matte. 


Yves Saint Laurent Beaute Zoe Kravitz Limited Edition Rouge Pur Couture, $38

Doesn’t it seem like every time dark skinned women try to go for a bright red shade, they try push us right back to deep wines and burgundies?

Well not this time! Zoe Kravitz’s collaboration with YSL resulted in a nice, luxurious ruby-esque red that is to die for.

If you’re looking to do something bold and seductive this season, this is your girl. 

Mac Lipglass in Oh Baby, $19

Brown is a nice neutral, but for those of us who like a little spice, you couldn’t find a lipstick shade more boring than that!

Bronze, on the other hand, gives us the best of both worlds.

Its base color is a creamy medium brown that works great as a neutral shade, but the glitter and shine takes your look up a notch—and this lipglass from Mac is the proof. 

Glossier Ultralip in Ember, $18 

I know I just got done calling most brown lipstick options a little plain, but when done right, it’s absolutely gorgeous.

Take Glossier’s Ultralip in Ember, for an example.

It’s a luscious mocha brown that serves as a perfect nude shade for cooler, deeper skin tones while giving a vampy siren feel to those of you with warmer undertones. 


L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Matte Liquid Lipstick in Plum Bum, $22

Plum is the superior purple because anything deeper can be a tad bit dramatic and is definitely out of season (for now), but anything lighter can appear super pasty and ashy.

That’s where plum comes in and L’Oreal crafted the perfect shade for most deep skintones. This is an ideal choice for a fun and flirty fall-time weekend doing seasonal activities. 

By rocking one of these eight lipstick shades, you’ll have everything you need to pull off any look you want this fall season. 


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