Met Gala Hair: Hits And Misses


We have most definitely discussed the MET to death but we really wanted to take a closer look at the hair.

This season it’s all about the ponytails or super soft curls.

Some were hits, and others a clear miss, we will let you decide.

Here are the hair looks for the Met Gala:

June Ambrose rocked a gorgeous double bun

Ciara with a gorgeous long thick ponytail

Gabriel Union had an interesting look, we aren’t sure about this look.

Tracee Ellis Ross with the Edna approved bob:

Simone Biles, looked stunning with this super thick Ponytail.

Yara Shahidi did soft curls paying homage to Josephine Baker

Taraji P Henson, rocked thick natural curls

We are also in love with Megan Thee Stallion soft curls:

Amanda Amanda Amanda! Amanda S Gorman Chefs kiss:

Normani had a super sleek braided bun

This pixie look was a vibe and one of our favorite looks! Storm Reid killed it!

Comment below and let us know your hits and you misses! If you missed all the looks from the Met Gala, click here





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