Dewy or Matte Foundation – How to Make Up Your Mind Once & For All


Finding the right foundation for your skin can be a long and tumultuous journey. There’s a lot to be done from trying to match your undertone, skin type, and coverage preferences. Not to mention the numerous brands and foundation types out there – sheer, full coverage, high-end, drugstore, matter, and dewy, the list is endless.

Well, we’re determined to help make things a little bit easier for you by deciphering one crucial aspect – foundation finish. And, more importantly, the difference between dewy and matte foundation.

So, if you’ve been trying to figure out which one is worth investing in, here’s a detailed guide on matte vs. dewy foundations.

What is Dewy Foundation?

dewy foundation

Dewy foundation is all about the glow – it is loaded with ingredients that help keep your skin hydrated, glowing, and radiant.

It contains humectants such as glycerin and oils like jojoba or rosehip oil to help reflect light and create healthy, younger-looking skin.

Dewy foundations range in anything from lightly tinted moisturizers to liquid formulas and, most recently, full-coverage formulas, which offer you a glossier finish that encapsulates how you want to now – fresh, natural, and awake.

Pros & Cons of Dewy Foundation

The Pros

• Quenches dryness, evens out texture, and blurs imperfections thanks to its hydrating ingredients

• Easy and effortless to build and blend – they tend to be light, making it easy to build on your skin for more coverage

• Dewy formulas come in a range of coverage options, from sheer to full coverage
• Allow your skin to appear younger, healthier, and more radiant

• Easy to apply on other parts of the body – neck, chest, arms, and even legs

The Cons

• Not suitable for oily/acne-prone skin types since it enhances shine

• Dewy foundation doesn’t always last throughout the day. You have to keep reapplying – thanks humidity and sweat!

• It’s not the best option if you’re trying to cover up hyperpigmentation

• It can enhance the appearance of breakouts

How to Apply Dewy Foundation

When creating a dewy foundation finish, you need to:

– Ensure your skin is adequately hydrated – so lather on those hyaluronic serums and drink your eight glasses of water boo

– Apply your primer first and allow it to absorb before coating your face with makeup

– Apply your foundation with a kabuki brush to ensure consistent dispersion of makeup – the more even it looks, the better

– If you’re looking to enhance your dewy look, add a few drops of your favorite moisturizer and mix it into your tube of foundation before blending on the skin – this allows you to sheer down your makeup if you apply too much

– Set your look with a luminous setting spray to allow for a long-lasting finish

What is Matte Foundation?


Matte foundation screams polished, precise, waterproof, and sweat-resistant. Unlike its dewy counterpart, matte foundation makes your skin look velvety soft, and airbrushed – no shine or greasiness included.

What’s more, matte formulas offer excellent coverage for any skin type. They also provide long-lasting results when paired with the right products.

They also come in a few more formulas than dewy options, such as creams, liquids, and powders.

Pros & Cons of Matte Foundation

The Pros

• Offer full coverage

• Help eliminate shine and greasiness

• Matte foundations are long-lasting – you don’t have to do a touch-up

• Allow for a diffused smooth finish for individuals with textured skin

• Perfect for most skin types – combination, oily, acne-prone, or skin with large pores

The Cons

• Matte foundation can look dry or flaky on the skin

• Not seamless to blend – matte formulas dry quickly, meaning you need to blend them as soon as they are on your skin to ensure evenness

• Some matte options can look heavy and cakey – when overdone though

• Can enhance various flaws like fine lines and wrinkles

• Matte options might enhance facial hairs – you have to scrape off the peach fuzz first before application

How to Apply Matte Foundation

For the polished and perfect matte foundation finish:

– Ensure you prep your skin with products that help absorb oil and eliminate skin – oil-blotting sheets are an excellent place to start

– Apply a silicone primer or oil-free moisturizer to help create a matte canvas before applying any makeup

– Choose the application tool based on the formula you choose. Powder options go well with a light powder brush. They allow you to lightly buff the foundation while building coverage

– Use a foundation brush and makeup sponge for cream and liquid formulas. They allow you to blend and add as you go

– When done, set your look with a translucent powder or setting spray that promotes longevity and still dries completely matte

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to foundation. As long as a specific formula works seamlessly on your skin and gives you that much-needed confidence, you’re good to go.

If you aren’t sure which option works best for you, try both and see which one you like best. You can even try alternating both formulas – dewy foundation for the summers and matte options for fall.

The takeaway here is to find a formula that makes you feel so good that you can’t stop raving about it!


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