Disney World Gets First Black-Owned Food Truck, Local Green

Local Green
Photo credit: WDWMagic

Robyn Wallace and her husband, Zak Wallace, are a Black couple making history.

They own Local Green, the first Black-owned food truck located at Walt Disney World.

A Health-Conscious Business

Local Green
Photo credit: Facebook – Local Green Atlanta

The husband-and-wife duo initially started the restaurant to live a more health-conscious life and share it with others.

Because of health issues, they had lost several loved ones: Robyn lost her brother, while Zak lost his mother.

This prompted them to take control of their health and persuade others to do the same.

They figured that if doctors tell you to avoid certain foods when you’re sick—like fried foods, beef, and pork—you should also avoid them when you’re healthy.

However, they didn’t want to make bland-looking food.

Zak’s goal was to give his community healthy food that tastes great.

He knows that barbecue, fried food, and soul food are famous in Black culture.

However, these foods affect our health because they cause diabetes, cancer, and hypertension.

So, Local Green’s foods look and taste as delicious as their unhealthy counterparts.

Its foods are nutrient-dense, filling, and mainly plant-based.

Clearly, many people agreed with the couple.

Vegan and Successful

Local Green
Photo credit: Facebook – Local Green Atlanta

Local Green became a booming business in Atlanta.

The owners received an offer from Walt Disney World to take their food truck to their theme park in Orlando, Florida.

This makes it the first Black-owned food truck in the famous theme park.

Their current goal is to give park visitors yummy, healthy food.

And people who try their foods might be tempted to start following a healthier plant-based diet.

Conclusion: The Importance of Local Green

Local Green
Photo credit: Facebook – Local Green Atlanta

Local Green is a beacon of good health for the Black community.

Its meals are delicious, nutritious, affordable, and varied.

The brand is also actively trying to keep the community healthy, which is an admirable goal for any company.

Hopefully, this will inspire change in the food we eat.

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