The Face Map And What It Tells You About Your Internal Health

Skin Mapping

Recently I read a post about face mapping, which in the simplest of terms is literally a map of your face and what the acne or ailments on it say about what is happening to you internally.

I am a firm believer that much of what we experience with our skin including our scalp is a direct result of how healthy we are.

Bumps, acne, discoloration are all physical messages that are clues that we have to take a look at our health overall. Read this brief synopsis of what each area of the face indicates about what is happening internally.


Poor digestion due to toxins and lack of water. Drink a ton of water daily to keep not only your skin moisturised but your hair as well.

One of my newest loves is apple cider vinegar, lemons, and water, not only is this drink refreshing, it cleans your system out from head to toe. It by no means tastes great but you will get used to the taste and the benefits it brings.


Your nose is linked to the liver do if you get acne here, it could potentially mean a liver dysfunction. Alcoholics are particularly prone to T-zone acne.

Around the eyes

“The skin in this area is connected to the health of the kidneys,” According to Dr. Michael Shapiro, board-certified dermatologist and Medical Director and Founder of Vanguard Dermatology. Shapiro says. Conditions like dark under-eye circles may signify that the kidneys are malfunctioning or that you’re dehydrated.

Upper cheeks

The tops of the cheeks are linked to the lungs and if you are always inhaling bad air or getting bacteria from an unclean pillow case or cell phone then you will see flare ups on your cheeks.

Lower cheeks

Poor dental hygiene. “Problems in the mouth, especially those involving the gums, will be visible here,” Shapiro says.

Do not hesitate to see a dentist regularly and avoiding sugary foods and drinks to improve not only oral hygiene but the lower portion of your cheeks as well.


Your nose is also linked to your heart. “Swelling or bulbous changes of the nose signify high blood pressure,” notes Shapiro. Reduce the salts, energy drinks, and eat foods that promote heart health.


Acne around the ears is also associated with issues with the kidney. It also signals dehydration and excess consumption of salt.


Linked to the small intestine. “One should stay away from dairy products and oily meals,” Shapiro said. Adopt healthier eating habits, specifically ones that include more fruits and vegetables, to keep digestion running smoothly and nixing related skin problems” – Shapiro


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