Are Your Hair Products Giving You Forehead Acne? Here’s How To Clear Your Skin Up In No Time

forehead acne hair products

Forehead acne isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about haircare, but it should be!

With all the oils, creams, and gels we put in our hair, it would be a real surprise if you didn’t see a bump or two—or even an entire breakout—from time to time. 

However, this isn’t something that should become your new norm.

While you can’t completely avoid a skincare mishap because of product residue gone rogue, you can certainly take extra steps to make sure your hair stays laid all day, every day without compromising clear, even-toned skin. 

Here are 3 easy to follow tips for clearing up forehead acne in no time! 

Cleanse, cleanse, and cleanse some more! 

Clearing up forehead acne and breakouts caused by buildup from hair products really comes down to one common sense task: cleansing.

And if you’re struggling with bumps on your hairline and forehead, that’s a pretty big sign that you may not be cleansing enough! 

Of course, the first step is having a morning and nighttime routine that keeps breakouts at bay.

This means washing, exfoliating, and moisturizing your face—with a special focus on your forehead—is a good way to clear up your skin. 

If you notice that taking care of your skin helps a little bit, but doesn’t necessarily stop the pimples and bumps from coming back, it may be time to take a look at what else needs to be washed more regularly, including: 

  • Your hands. Most of us have a habit of touching our faces throughout the day, so it’s not farfetched to think that we may go from touching our hair to touching our faces. Just to be safe, wipe your hands after touching your hair, and of course, keep them washed. 
  • Hair accessories. Headbands, bonnets, and scrunchies soak up tons of product after just a few wears—causing traces of leftover oils and butters to be left on your skin, leading to the dreaded forehead acne.
  • Pillowcases and sheets. Like hair accessories, pillowcases and sheets also soak up sweat and hair products. Make sure you’re washing them at least once per week.
  • Towels. Washing your face towels just to turn around and use them again immediately after is a daunting task, so we won’t ask you to wash your towels after every use. However, you should switch to a clean face towel after every 3 uses. 

Invest in a few multipurpose headbands. 

Headbands are great for a few reasons.

They keep hair out of your face, which keeps whatever products you have in your hair, off of your face; They catch most of the sweat coming from your scalp when you’re working out or being active in general; and they’re just a cute lazy-girl alternative when your hair isn’t cooperating. 

All of these are things that’ll assist you in fighting forehead acne. On the flip side, these are also things that would cause it!

If you constantly wear headbands without washing or switching them out, you’re bound to be on the receiving end of a breakout. 

The solution? Invest in 3 to 7 headbands to wear on and off during the week, so that you can rotate and wash without forehead acne is a concern. 

Treat forehead acne like any other breakout. 

Acne is acne, no matter how you look at it—even if it comes from excess sweat and hair product buildup.

And while there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to clearing it up because not all acne is caused by the same thing or even created equal, there are a few things that everyone struggling with breakouts needs to keep in mind: 

  • Don’t pop your bumps and pimples! This can cause bacteria to spread, redness and swelling, and even some unsightly scarring afterward. 
  • Always protect your skin from the sun with SPF, glasses, hats, and whatever else floats your boat. Overexposure causes sun damage, worsens hyperpigmentation, and dries out your face in the long-term. 
  • Washing and exfoliating your face too much does more harm than good. Be consistent with your regimen, but use non-abrasive products and cleansing techniques to keep your skin free of irritation and inflammation. 

Forehead acne can be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be a forever problem. With a few simple habit changes, you can properly treat it in no time!

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