Social Media Reacts To Michael Blackson’s Brittney Griner “Joke” About Getting Intimate With Her When She Get’s Out


49-year-old Michael Blackson recently sent out a tweet about Brittney Griner, that most people agree was highly insensitive.  well on social media.

He said:

“When Brittany Griner get out I want to be the first one to give her some deek,” Blackson wrote.

Earlier this month the WNBA star was sentenced to 9 years in a Russian prison for illegally carrying vaporizer cartridges.

Considering those circumstances people did not appreciate Michael’s attempt at ‘lightening’ the mood.

Many suggest that he would do anything for attention.



Michael took to his stories to explain his words, saying BG is his homie and he knew she was getting out soon which is why he made the joke.

BG is my homie and she has a great sense of humor, met her 5 yrs ago and we’ve been cool since. I know she’s getting out soon that’s why I’m joking so ya need to stfu Modasuckas.”

He also shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with Griner back in 2017 to prove their ‘friendship’. 

He also added:
“I don’t care how soft ya want comedians to be. I’m not changing for no one, I make fun of any and everyone. I know this can never happen to me but I need ya to lighten up Modasuckas.”

We thought jokes were supposed to be funny, but what do we know chile!

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