Here’s How To Keep Your Colored Hair Bold and Vibrant For Longer


Changing up your hair can sometimes alter your outlook on life.

However, in recent times we have had to be content with making fewer visits to the hairdresser.

So how do you keep your hair interesting without making weekly trips to the salon?

The answer is getting your hair colored.

Depending on your personal preference, you can get some subtle caramel highlights or go all out and pick something bolder, like a pink or a blue.

After you get the coloring done, you then need to find a way to make it last.

That is where we come in. Following the simple suggestions listed below will allow you to keep your hair color in for a longer time.

Prep Your Hair

Before you get the hair color treatment done, you might want to prep your hair. This typically involves washing using a sulfate-free shampoo.

You can then deep condition your hair to ensure that it’s clean and hydrated before going in to see your stylist.

Skip the Shampooing

Most people are accustomed to washing their hair at least every two days. It keeps your scalp feeling fresh, and your strands stay grease-free.

However, the day you leave your hairstylist or even the day after, you might want to refrain from wetting and shampooing your hair.

If you feel particularly grimy and need to refresh your hair, consider going for a dry shampoo instead.

It’ll give the hair color time to settle, and therefore won’t wash off as quickly.

Avoid Heat

Women are legendary for taking hot, sometimes even scalding showers. While this might make your soul happy and your skin feel clean, you may need to go easy on the heat.

Extremely hot water tends to dry out hair strands causing them to look dull. It’s advisable to rinse and wash your hair using warm or even lukewarm water once you get it colored.

When styling your hair, you might want to put your flat iron away. Opt for heatless styles like sleeping with your rollers or the sock curling technique.

In the long run, the less heat you apply to your hair, the longer the color looks vibrant.

Opt for A Daily Conditioner

Your hair color may be looking like it’s fading because your hair isn’t hydrated or healthy. You can work on this by using daily conditioning treatments.

This will allow your hair to soak up all those yummy nutrients and moisture.

We’re not saying deep conditioning is terrible for your blue-colored strands, but we tend to leave deep conditioners on for longer so that they can seep into the hair.

So, when you rinse them off, they might come off with some of your hair colors.

Invest in the Right Products

Best products for color treated hair

Dyed hair is different from regular washed and blow-dried hair. That said, you need to invest in specific products if you want to keep your hair healthy and to look glossy.

You can also get some color depositing shampoos or conditioners. These will keep your hair color looking fresh.

Be Careful When Outside

After getting those beautiful blonde highlights, you need to be more careful when out in the sun or going to the pool.

Like your face, your hair also needs some protection—key in SPF.

Apart from safeguarding your scalp from harsh UV rays, SPF prevents your hair color from fading.

Therefore, next time you go lounging at the beach, or swimming in the pool or ocean, be sure to cover your hair up.

Coloring your hair offers you a fantastic experience, but it can be an expensive process. Therefore, why not get value for your money by using the precautions mentioned above.

That way when you can go forth and show the world your bold and colorful self.


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