How To Customize This $50 Wig To Make It Look Like a 4C Silk Press


One of our favorite YouTubers, TastePINK just dropped a super detailed tutorial featuring a $50 wig that looks like a 4C silk press.

I often get questions about how to customize wigs and where to find realistic options that look like 4c pressed hair so this video I am about to share is clutch. 

In the video, TastePink unboxes the unit and describes how she customizes it to make it wearable for every day.

This is the photo she dropped on Instagram that did it for me:

In the description of the video TastePink provided these details:

Brand: Sensationnel Cloud 9 What Lace Hairline Illusion Lace Wig
Style: Tyrina
Color: 1B
Price: $54

Products you will need:

Canvas Block Head
Wig Tripod
Rat Tail Comb
Double Prong Clips
Got 2B Glue (Water Resistant)
Blow Dryer
Singer Scissors (Mini Scissors)
Elastic Band

How to Customize the wig

1. Place the wig on a blockhead and section the baby hairs and pin them away.

2. Pluck the sides to remove some of the bulk of the hair in a strategic manner so that you do not over-pluck the hairline.

3. Use a fine-tooth comb to remove any excess shed hair that is tweezed out, by gently moving through the hair as if you are parting it in different sections.

4. Use a tweezer to thin out the baby hairs as well by holding the lace taut to give the wig a more natural look.

5. Use Got 2 Be glued Freeze spray on a tiny brush to apply the product to the hair to keep the hair laying flat so that you get that effortless look once you put the unit on. Pin the hair so that it can dry in place. (Use enough spray but not too much, a little goes a long way)

6. Use a press powder that matches your complexion to tint the lace for a more realistic look, using freeze spray to set in place.

7. Put the unit on and keep the baby hair out of the way as you trim the lace in jagged motions so that the lace doesn’t look blunt or too harsh, once applied to your head.

8. Use  Got2B Glued Glue styling Gel to glue down the lace, drying it with a blow dryer on the cool setting slowly. Once tacky, simply glue your lace down. Make sure the gel is completely dry!

9. Use an elastic band to ensure that your unit is secure. Let it sit for 5-10 minutes then style your baby hairs as needed.

Watch TastePink body this wig below:

Then she also shared this photo with this cute style:


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Bruh! Tell me this wig isn’t cute? If you want to purchase the wig, you can use her affiliate link here. Additionally, if you want more options for synthetic wigs specifically we have 5 fab natural-looking options you can check out here

Do you wear wigs to protect your natural hair? Comment your favorite brand below and how you typically customize yours.

Also, let me know if the video was helpful for you if this is your first time customizing a wig.


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