How To Get The Best Wash And Go Ever


I have been a wash and go girl for as long as I can remember with just a few months of trying and failing at long term heat styling.

Wash and gos can be easy once you get the hang of it and even though us curly girls have quite a few steps between the wash and the actual going part if you follow these steps it won’t feel like work.

Start out with freshly washed hair

It is imperative that your hair is clean before you start the wash and go process because this technique is all about layering products on clean strands so that your hair can retain moisture and keep the style.

Shampoo your hair with a sulfate free shampoo and ensure that your hair is free of any buildup that can cause dullness when you add your products. Deep condition your hair afterwards to add moisture that is lost during the shampoo process.

Add enough leave in conditioner to cover all of your strands

When you add your conditioner, be deliberate with how you apply it to your strands. My preference is a water-based creamy conditioner over a spray conditioner because I love the coverage they provide.

Once you add your leave in conditioner then add an oil of your choice to help your hair retain its moisture longer, preferably all week long until your next wash day.

Add your styler

For us fine haired girls Eco styler gel might be way too heavy but if you can take it I say go for it. If not find a light weight gel or styler that will define your curls but not weigh them down.

Air dry

If you prefer to use a diffuser because you want to dry your hair faster, go ahead and do so. I prefer to air dry but if it’s a cold day, the diffuser will be on deck.

The key to a flawless wash and go is to allow the style to set untouched until your hair is 100% dry! If you touch it or play with your hair before it drys you will cause frizz.


*Put your hair in the direction you want it to dry in while you are adding the style

*Use a finisher oil after your hair is dry to release the crunch of the gel

*Cover your hair at night with a satin bonnet so that your hair can last all week long

How do you get your best wash and go ever?


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