Here’s How To Turn Your Home Into A Peaceful, Stress-Free Space In 3 Simple Ways


Being able to turn your home into a place of peace is extremely important because where you lay your head should always be a place of comfort, safety, and sanctuary.

This might sound like a tall order, but in reality, it truly only takes small, deliberate efforts. 

Changing your environment is mostly about changing your mood, so tweaking a few things in your space in a way that makes you feel better should be a no-brainer.

Need some inspiration? Here’s how to turn your home into a peaceful, stress-free space in 3 ways.

Set the mood with your signature scent.

Scientists believe that our sense of smell is connected to both our mood and memory and that when we smell something from a happier time, we’re automatically in a good mood.

Think about all of the beloved moments in your life and how they’ve worked together to shape the happiest part of your memory—what would that smell like? 

Is it your grandma’s perfume she wore on special occasions?

Is it freshly baked bread from your favorite restaurant? Is it the warm cleanliness of your clothes straight out the dryer? 

Get familiar with the scents that make you feel truly peaceful; Home is meant to feel like—well—home, and what it smells like is just as important as any other aspect. 

Spend some time carefully picking what scents you like, such as citrus, warm apple cinnamon, or clean linen.

Once you’re satisfied with what you picked, invest in some essential oils and a good diffuser, and you’re good to go. 

Surround yourself with the perfect plants. 

Peaceful plant enviornment

There’s nothing more peaceful than the natural quietude of nature. Unfortunately, getting to live in the midst of clean air and open spaces isn’t always possible for some of us.

So instead of doing away with nature as a whole, why not surround yourself with plants? 

And you don’t have to have a green thumb to do it, either! You can start with low-maintenance houseplants that require a little sunshine and watering here and there.

Or even give our prickly cacti friends a try if you’re looking for something that’s super easy. 

Either way you go, taking care of plants is sure to not only make you feel peaceful, but grounded and more in-tune with yourself, and your home as a whole.

Increase the natural lighting. 

Research has shown that Vitamin D is mother earth’s natural mood booster as it comes from the sun and is scientifically proven to reduce depression and encourage happiness.

Sure it would be convenient to live in a roofless home, but why not take the easy route to peacefulness and let the sunshine in by opening a few curtains and windows? 

This is especially useful for those days where you want to hide away and perhaps indulge in a little laziness or self-pity.

The brightness of daylight makes sure to break you out of that doom and gloom energy so you can properly embrace life and the peace it promises.


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