Is $900 Too Much To Pay For Calf Length Braids?


Recently we saw a debate on Twitter about the charge a stylist had for calf-length knotless braids she installed on a client.

The stylist charged $900 for her services and users on Twitter were split on whether that charge was too much or not.

This is the Tweet:

Here is the original post from the stylist:

Sky is a stylist from Baltimore Maryland and for that particular style, she was very clear that the installation period is 24 hours.

She asked that if you did not have the patience to sit through the style then it probably wouldn’t be the style for you.

However, the debate was less over the 24hours but rather if the style was actually worth the money.

$900 was seen as too much!

Most of the people that disagreed with the price did so based on their own experiences with other stylists, like this Twitter user below:

And this one:

and this:

But a lot of people countered that in their opinion the price tag was reasonable:

There was this comment:

And this one:

and this:

Our Opinion?

We have had these discussions before and honestly there is always a general gasp and protest whenever the price is perceived as too high.

The truth is we have seen enough range, especially amongst really good stylists to trust that the price he or she charges is what he or she deserves.

Most business owners tend to consider two things:

1. The time and effort that a style takes

2. Their expertise.

With that said we would love to hear your opinion. Is $900 too much for calf-length braids and would you even sit through a style like that?

We do completely agree with these tweets:

If you are interested in learning more about Sky and her work, click here for her Instagram and here for her website!


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