The Trailblazing Keke Palmer Hosts Meta’s “Are We There Yet?” Series

Keke Palmer
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Keke Palmer is an actress with a stellar resume:

  • She is the youngest talk show host in history
  • She is the first Black woman in Nickelodeon to star in her show
  • She is the first and youngest Black Cinderella to take the stage on Broadway

And now, she is a host on “Are We There Yet?” from Meta. 

Keke Palmer’s “Are We There Yet?”

Keke Palmer

Don’t confuse this with the 2005 Ice Cube film

Keke Palmer’s “Are We There Yet?” is a series that offers insights into the Metaverse. 

She teams up with VR creators and Meta staff (like Metaverse VP Vishal Shah in the first episode), who tell us all we need to know about the developments in the Metaverse and how to make the most of them. 

The show premiered on July 26th, and 3 episodes have been released. 

In the second and third episodes, Palmer interviews Don Allen Stevenson III and YONK, who makes art sculptures in real life and the Metaverse. 

The show is a blend between “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” and “Bill Nye the Science Guy.”

And with the ever-charming Keke Palmer on board, “Are We There Yet” is a watchable show. 

The “Kekeverse”

Keke Palmer

Palmer signed on to the show because she’s always been into tech and how the Internet keeps evolving. 

And, to her, the Metaverse is almost like Ready Player One

It offers integrated social experiences you can’t get on any other digital platform. 

The Metaverse also offers XR (Extended Reality), which is like VR but more customizable as you can match your actual image with avatars, cartoons, and filters. 

Tomorrow’s Tech 

Keke Palmer

Keke Palmer will keep using the Metaverse because it’s one of the coolest ways she can embrace her creativity. 

And even if you are on the fence about it, you can’t deny that the Metaverse is an exciting concept. 

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