Inspiring! Jade Ashley Colin Becomes The Youngest Black Woman Owner of McDonald’s Franchise


In 2018, Jade Ashley Colin made history when she became the youngest Black woman to ever own a McDonald’s franchise.

She also worked hard to get to that point.

While still in college, Jade kicked off her career by working at her local McDonald’s during the night shift.

She kept at it, and in the next couple of years, she got promotions and even won awards. Then, eventually, she chose to start her very own franchise.

What Inspired Her?

For as long as the entrepreneur can remember, she has always been independent in thought and actions.

She also drew inspiration from her parents, who bought their own McDonald’s franchise back in 2010.

In 2012, Jade graduated from the University of Louisiana with a degree in business management.

While most people would be satisfied with that, Jade applied for the Next Generation program; an exclusive program for children whose parents are McDonald’s owners.

This was an intensive program spanning two years, but she completed it. As soon as she was done, Jade then became a manager at her parents’ own franchise.

As she took on the position, she also started planning to launch her own franchise.

What Are Her Ideologies?

First black woman to own McDonald's Franchise

During a recent interview, Jade revealed that she believes in taking a risk now while knowing that you will have to do plenty of hard work.

She also believes in networking and having a core team of people to act as mentors.

It’s also vital to have people who will always motivate you, no matter how hard you struggle in your hustle.

Not everyone falls into this category—in fact, many people will not have your best interests at heart—so, it’s important to surround yourself with people who genuinely want the best for you, no matter how small that circle becomes.

Jade is also a firm believer in giving back.

She has helped her own employees to complete high school and try to become entrepreneurs.

Jade wants the African American community to realize that life isn’t just about living now, but also about the upcoming generations.

We can’t agree more.


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