Two Best Friends Turned Their Love of Brunch Into A Travel Business Venture

Brown Skin Brunch

Melissa Mason and Lillian Jackson are childhood best friends who got separated with time.

However, they discovered a way they could not just remain connected, but also bring along new friends through their business venture, Brown Skin Brunchin.

It’s a monthly brunch club exclusively for women, where they meet up over good food and drinks.

The club started by only hosting events in the friends’ hometown of Richmond, Virginia.

However, it quickly grew to become an experience that spans 20 American cities, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Antonio, and Dallas.

Making Connections

Mason realized that she and her best friend weren’t the only people who were having trouble meeting new people and making new friends.

This might be because of a fear of reaching out to someone new, or being at a point in life where someone is so used to the people they’ve been around that it becomes difficult to approach someone new.

Mason learned that one of the most effective ways to break this ice and have people engaging with each other is simple: over food and drinks.

Brown Skin Brunchin’s inaugural brunch meetup had 15 participants. This has since grown to more than 300 members.

Each city’s organizers pick the most convenient brunch weekend for their group.

And as a collective, the group members remain connected through an official Facebook page.

A Reason to Have Fun

Even though the group often travels, food and strong drinks remain at the core of their meetups.

According to Jackson, sweet stuff like French toast is great. However, a good drink is just as good; brunch is, after all, a reason to drink during the day.

Mason agrees. To her, one of the main things she looks forward to on the menu is mimosas.

More Than Brunch

Despite ladies having fun at Brown Skin Brunchin events, both founders want it to be more. They are currently working on an app and website, which will both highlight Black-owned brunch spots across the country.

They are also focusing on community service.

They have set a goal of continuing education scholarships for its members; this is a cause that hits close to home to both Mason and Jackson.

Jackson revealed that they both completed their college careers when they were adults with their own children.

They understand how tough it can be to obtain scholarships when you aren’t a traditional student.

For now, though, their chief goal is to expand to 50 cities by the end of the year, and finally go on an international trip to Paris next year.

Brown Skin Brunchin is currently looking for women of color who want to expand their professional and personal circles.

If interested, you can also become an Organizer by visiting their website here.


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