Michelle Obama Writes New Book, “The Light We Carry”

The Light We Carry
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After releasing her bestselling memoir, “Becoming,” Michelle Obama is set to release another book: “The Light We Carry.”

What is “The Light We Carry” About?

The Light We Carry
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“The Light We Carry” will come out on November 15th in digital and print formats.

The 336-page book focuses on the former First Lady’s stories and reflections on power, challenge, and change.

This includes her belief that if we become a light for others, we can cast light on the potential and richness of our world.

This, in turn, will help us to discover deeper truths and find new ways to progress.

In the book’s introduction, Obama reveals how she has learned that self-worth often comes wrapped in vulnerability.

She adds that one instinctual thing about humans is we always try to be better, no matter what obstacles we might face.

To write the book, Obama reflected on her experiences as the First Lady, a wife, and a mother.

And like the rest of us, she has also spent the past few years trying to keep herself centered and overcome her fears.

The Right Publishing Partner

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“The Light We Carry” will be published by Penguin Random House, which has worldwide publishing rights.

In particular, Penguin Random House will use its imprint, Crown, for both digital and print formats.

Because of the runaway success of Michelle Obama’s first book, Crown has already prepared itself by announcing the first printing of a whopping 2.75 million physical copies.

Even with such a significant number, we expect these books to sell out quickly: in a matter of hours, if not days.

Other than the physical copies, Crown will release an unabridged audiobook version that Michelle Obama herself will read.

The book will also be translated into 14 languages and available in 27 countries.

Our Most Anticipated Book Release

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“The Light We Carry” will be out on November 15th and will cost $32.50 for the physical version and $16.99 for the digital one.

If you want a physical copy on day one, we suggest preordering it because it will probably sell out fast.

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