Must-Have Beauty Essentials You Ought to Keep in Your Desk Drawer


Listen, it’s no secret that work isn’t the place to worry about your eyeshadow or if your lipstick shade gives you that goddess vibe unless, of course, you’re a makeup artist.

But feeling confident in your appearance can help improve your performance in that million-dollar meeting.

Moreover, according to a 2010 study, women who wear makeup seem more proficient than their barefaced colleagues. If you love wearing that fiery red lip shade at work, this is excellent news.

Sometimes, however, you cannot run away from a mid-morning beauty emergency. Maybe it’s a case of flaring sweat glands, straggly hair, or that surprise pimple.

Fortunately, you can manage these disasters by stashing some beauty essentials in your work desk. No more frantically searching for your lip balm or hair tie. All your emergency beauty products should be right in your office drawer, or better yet in a conveniently placed makeup bag.

While you might not be able to control the insane amount of print-outs or a slacking member on your team, you can control and manage your beauty emergencies.
With that, here are the must-have beauty essentials – office edition!

Hair Ties

If you’re not feeling your morning hairstyle, you can quickly throw it up into a bun or tight pony by using a scunci.

It will not only help keep the hair from touching your face, but it’ll quickly make you look more put together.

Dry Shampoo Spray

Don’t let your clients catch you with a mane that resembles a bird’s nest or with greasy roots. One or two pumps of dry shampoo will give you an instant lift, tone down frizz, and add some shine.

It also helps get rid of stinky hair, if you had a quick and simple lunch at the hawker center.

For fun watch this:


It doesn’t matter if you forgot to put some on before you dashed out of the house, or you had a stressful field day and need a quick boost. Deodorant is one of the most vital office beauty essentials.

Mini Perfume

Don’t you love it when you get a whiff of a fragrance, and it makes you feel confident and assertive? Or perhaps when your secret office crush keeps reminding you of how incredible your perfume is?

Well, everyone deserves to smell good throughout the day. To refresh, keep a miniature perfume bottle or roll-on perfume by the desk. However, be careful not to engulf your office in a mist of fragrance; remember even the best scents can be overwhelming when sprayed in a confined space.

Nail Polish Remover

Have you ever been asked to make an impromptu presentation, looked down at your nails as you irately type on your keyboard, and realized that your nails look like you’ve been in a catfight?

Well, if a chip comes up and you’re packing up for a meeting, some nail polish remover pods will help you quickly clean things up and save your ‘well-kept nails’ reputation.

Oil Blotting Sheets

The only thing that needs to be shining at your office is your sterling job performance and not your face. So, if you find yourself rocking an oily forehead at mid-day, invest in some oil-absorbing sheets.

They will keep you looking fresh all day, and the best part, you can use them over your makeup and not have to apply a new coat.

Pick-Me-Up Lipstick

Are you looking to rev up your look for that unplanned conference or need some boost of confidence? A matte lipstick in a powerful shade like fiery red, signature brown, or a classic nude can help up the ante.

You might also want to keep a mauve lippie since it helps make a bold switch-up that tells the world you were making money moves, and now you’re ready for some cocktails with the girls.

Lip Balm

No one should have chapped lips. However, sometimes work can be overwhelming, you might not get the chance to have a glass of water.

Therefore, having a hydrating lip balm close will definitely come in handy. A pretty color might also add the right amount of shine to your pout.

Black Eyeliner

If you have tired eyes, a rich black eyeliner is ideal for the midday slump and can even help you create a picturesque smokey eye when you’re getting ready to attend your colleague’s birthday party after work.


If there’s anything the coronavirus pandemic taught us, it is that having a sanitizer can save your life, literally!

It not only helps kill the viruses, but it also saves you from rocking greasy hands all day long. Moreover, studies show that the fresh scent helps keep you awake during a stressful workday.

Hand Cream

Your hands need some TLC from time to time. And since most people wash their hands three to five times a day, a hydrating hand cream will help lock in the moisture and leave your hands smelling incredible.

Face Mist

No time for a quick tea break? Don’t worry. A face mist is the best mid-day pick-me-up. A quick spritz leaves you feeling refreshed and gives you some much-needed radiance for that afternoon meeting with your investors.

What beauty essentials have you stashed in your work desk? Let us know in the comments below.



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