My Top Three Summer Self Care Goals This Year


There is a meme that is pretty popular this Summer surrounding the whole “Summer Body” concept. Many of us have decided to literally throw that out of the window with proclamations that this Summer is going to get whatever body we decide to give it.

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As hilarious as that meme is, it speaks to new ideas about body confidence that most of us have decided to allow ourselves to have. We aren’t saying we won’t try to be healthy, work out and eat Summer salads, we are just saying we will not be shamed by expectations coined by the people around us.

Now that we have that out of the way what are your Summer self-care goals this year?

Here are three of mine:

Take full advantage of “hair growth season”

I have shared with you all that Spring and Summer are typically when your hair starts to really flourish and it makes sense to help things along.

This means – 1. deep conditioning regularly, 2. Protective styling and finally, 3. Low manipulation. All my styles are easy breezy with the ends of my hair tucked away! – I have been loving quick braided styles this year, what about you?

Daily Work-outs

Summer workouts are the best! First of all, you are guaranteed a good ‘sweat’ the circulation helps with ‘hair growth season’ and it just feels good to get it in.

Earlier this year I invested in a few key workout pieces I would need to get ready for the commitment I wanted to have. I got leggings in every color you could imagine and more than a few great comfy, functional bras for workouts – changed my life! Not only was it retail therapy but I chose clothing that supported the activities I wanted to do.

That might be too much information but making that investment really helped me to get my mind right for what I wanted to accomplish for myself.

I’ve also been looking into some of the amazing fat reducing beauty treatments out there. Have you heard about coolsculpting? One of my friends recently had this interesting ‘fat freezing’ treatment done to reduce her double chin in time for summer – click the link for more info.

Replace one meal with a salad

If you want to jumpstart your hair growth then getting your greens in is a must and Summer salads are a great way to do it. I commit to at least one salad per day to replace a meal and it has made me literally happy on the inside and super energetic on the outside!

Load your bowl up with colorful raw food and watch it change your whole #mood.

That’s it! With a great mindset and those three things, I would say Summer self-care is pretty much handled. Comment below and let me know what you are doing to keep your vibrations high this Summer!

This post was sponsored by Knix Wear but all thoughts and opinions were my own.


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