These New Rollers Might Change The Game For Heat Free Roller Sets On Natural Hair


It has been awhile since a new ‘curl making’ invention has come out on the market and so when I saw these I was a bit intrigued!

The new rollers are called “Bouncy Curls Rollers” and they are the new wave in roller sets just in time for ‘stretching’ season. Each roller has two curling mechanisms and a clamp that hold the ends of the hair down and the hair is rolled in a figure 8 motion onto the device.

I can show you better than I can tell you so watch this video:

Watch this video as well:

My opinion? I love a great roller set so I think these rollers are a viable option for those of us looking for more ways to stretch our hair. The results are a longer spiral which is also pretty awesome if you are trying to avoid tight curls.

If you are still having trouble with curl formers this new little invention might be a little bit easier. You can check out the rollers here.

Comment below and let me know what you think about these new rollers? Would you try them?

Featured image – @brandirell


  1. I love this concept as it cuts down on all the winding and twisting required for curl rods. Thank you so much for sharing this new concept.

  2. Yes I would use these this looks like a time saver for long hair and sitting under a dyer with regular rollers, how and where can I get them


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