Issa Rae-Backed Nonprofit, Ghetto Film School, Gets Black Woman CEO


When Issa Rae backs a business, this is a business worth noting.

The business, in this case, is Ghetto Film School, an award-winning nonprofit.

Uplifting Tomorrow’s Storytellers

Photo credit: Working Not Working Magazine

Ghetto Film School, or GFS, supports upcoming storytellers by uplifting, educating, and supporting their filmmaking development.

It has received significant backing from big-name Hollywood stars like Yara Shahidi and Issa Rae.

The nonprofit is now increasing its efforts after getting its first Black woman CEO: Montea Robinson.

In an interview with Variety, Robinson revealed that the organization is now giving its students a camera to shoot with, whether or not they can aim a camera or write a script.

The goal for Robinson is to show students how to be complete filmmakers to understand what’s involved in making their stories.

They will also come away with a solid foundational knowledge of how to make a movie.

A Driven Leader

Ghetto Film School
Photo credit: Facebook – Ghetto Film School

Robinson aims to increase the nonprofit’s influence and reach as she focuses on developing and generating career opportunities for students.

She also plans to increase the accessibility of Ghetto Film School’s programs and strengthen partnerships with the industry.

Before her current position, Robinson was the program director of GFS.

She led their 2016 educational curriculum and forged partnerships between GFS and Make Make Entertainment, NYU, and Dolby.

During this time, the nonprofit also received funding worth $500,000.

In 2018, Robinson was promoted to executive director.

She got increased control over fundraising efforts and hired more staff to teach their students in this role.

During the pandemic, she formed partnerships with Netflix, Sony Music, and Dolby so that students could still learn virtually.

Robinson has clearly earned her current position and is a significant asset to the institution.

Leading Ghetto Film School to Greatness

Ghetto Film School
Photo credit: Facebook – Ghetto Film School

With all the work Robinson has done for Ghetto Film School thus far, she will inevitably lead the nonprofit to greater heights.

That’s precisely why stars like Issa Rae are backing her.


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