18 of Our Favorite Nail Polish Colors for Dark Skin Tones


Has your mani-pedi routine become a bit humdrum lately?

Have you been obsessively reaching out for the same nail polish color?

Relax. We’re not here to judge you.

Like everything else in life, it’s easy to get stuck in a nail polish color rut. Most people tend to reach out for shades in the same family because why fix what’s not broken, right?

That said, almost every nail color perfectly pairs with dark skin tones, and there’s not one shade that doesn’t look sexy on melanin-rich skin.

Rainbow colors pop against dark skin, while sultry shades look effortless (hey, we lucked out in this sector, not so much in the contour and concealer shades, though, tsk tsk).

So, if you usually stick with the same nudes and browns (which, again, we’re not judging), here are some fun, sexy options you can play with this season.

Pastel Pink

A barely-there pink shade adds a little color without going overboard. Plus, pastel pinks never really get old, and honestly, the color sparks feelings of happiness and romance.

Bright White

White polish isn’t just for French babes or manicures – they call it the winter white for a reason. The clean, crisp shade flatters and gorgeously contrasts dark skin tones for a poignant, polished finish.

You can even add some pizzazz with s shimmery silver cutout design – if yah nasty! (*wink*wink)

Rainbow Madness


A chic rainbow finish never hurt anyone. In any case, rainbow nails are the in thing today. You can go simple and paint different variants on each nail, give unicorns a run for their fabulousity, or just get creative with a fun, artistic design.


Radiant Blue


Fancy the universe at your fingertips?

Well, some radiant blue polish should be your go-to. It complements your melanin-rich skin and works as the perfect year-round shade when you want an unapologetically standout manicure.

Rich Emerald

Who doesn’t love a rich emerald shade – it’s the same color as mazuma, paper money! And when painted on some sexy stiletto nails, the shade is sure to make your mani look like a billion bucks.

Metallic Gold

Gold is one of those understated shades, and this metallic hue proves that dark skin tones are no obstacle to a little extra shine.


Passion Red


Go ham or go home with bold red polish. Whether it’s bright, cherry, scarlet, or wine, red perfectly stands out against dark skin tones.

Nifty Nudes

Neutral nudes are ideal if you’re going for a minimalist look. They also work seamlessly with matching accessories.

Plus, they look fabulous with either a glossy or matte finish. Talk about versatility!

Sultry Burgundy

Is a nail polish collection complete without a sultry wine shade? We don’t think so. A classy version of red, burgundy pairs perfectly on dark skin tones.

What’s more, it is the best shade for both work and informal events.

Muted Mauve


It’s hard not to feel your most confident self when wearing a sensual mauve nail. Not quite pink, but not quite purple, mauve is the ideal in-between shade.

And if you love manicures embellished with nail art, this shade looks gorgeous, especially when covered with evil eye details on top.

Olive Green

Call it the green effect, but we’re fawning over this earth-inspired shade. It works effortlessly for almost season.

So, whether you want an edgy fall shade or a spring-embracing hue, this plant-inspired tone always looks stunning.

Spicy Tangerine

nail polish for black women

Dive into the spring spirit with a citrus-inspired look that perfectly pairs with dark skin tones. The shade is also perfect for fall days when you want to beat the cold with some bold nails.

Matte-y Black

If you think black shades don’t pop against deep skin tones, think again, boo. It’s the ultimate versatile for almost everyone.

Plus, when you want to pull off a dramatic look, a sexy, matte black nail is the way to go.

Charcoal Gray

When black feels too deep, charcoal gray polish is a perfect choice. The shade is a natural and neutral hue that is dynamic, albeit subtle yet classy. Moreover, the color complements every dark undertone.

Peachy Perfection


You can never go wrong with some peachy perfection, especially for a pedicure, as it looks fabulous with any sandal.

Spring Ombrés

Three words: Saucy. Sultry. Spunky. Need we say more?

The subtle fade from spring colors is soft but audacious as your personality.

You can really have some fun in the sun with matte pastel ombrés, orange, and cream ombre fade, or smokey gray ombrés – the options are limitless!

Gentle Lavender


Never underestimate the power of a lavender nail. Like the essential oil, lavender on nails boosts a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Plus, it’s a versatile shade – you can choose a minimalistic design, a striking, artistic option, or a hint of sparkle to seal the deal.

Flamboyant Neons


Less of a shade and more of a color family, neons provide dark skin tones with a jolt of bold and bright.

Plus, the fluorescent tones – neon green, neon yellow, and orange form a perfect base for a spectacular manicure.

There you go, loves! No more holding back – push yourself out of that nail color comfort zone and embrace elegance, versatility, and fabulousity!

There’s no other way!


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