Pattern Beauty Launches New “Honor Your Pattern” Campaign

Pattern Beauty Launches New

When Pattern Beauty launched in 2019, its initial focus was creating satisfactory wash-day products for all-natural hair types and textures.

Since then, the brand has furthered its mission to honor our roots by expanding its selection with new maintenance and styling products such as hydrating mists, edge controls, hair gels, and even shower brushes and combs.

And recently, they’ve launched two new products—a Scalp Serum and Treatment Mask—meant to nourish and soothe your hair and scalp. 

Inspired by family hair remedies that have been passed down through generations, the new product launches are a part of Pattern Beauty’s “Honor Your Pattern” campaign which encourages us to celebrate our natural hair through embracing our cultural roots. Founder of Pattern Beauty, Tracee Ellis Ross, took to Instagram to share the importance of the campaign: 

“Hair is a portal into our history. Each bend & coil has a story, every strand & tangle holds a whole world of love. Our ancestors sing in every zig & zag of our textures.

Messages of freedom, revolution, self-acceptance & love are carried in our crowns. We think of elaborate styles that signified our tribes & kinship in Africa; maps to freedom hidden in our braids; Frederick Douglass’ hair as an expression of prosperity & perseverance against all odds; Angela Davis & her afro as a symbol of pride & revolution.”


She goes on to reflect on the sentimental value and memories that many of us have when we revisit the unique relationship between our families and natural hair, “We think of when we were little — how loved ones poured oils & salves & love & care into our hair using the same ancient remedies that those before us used.

Pattern Beauty Launches New "Honor Your Pattern" Campaign

The ritual of loving on ourselves & each-other not only creates a sacred connection & conversation with our ancestors, it imbues a sense of pride in self & heritage into our children that they will pass on to future generations.” 

While both the Scalp Serum and Treatment Mask stay in alignment with tried and true remedies by nourishing your hair with familiar ingredients like rice water ferment, rosemary, peppermint, and castor oil, they’ve also been updated to solve some of the more undesirable qualities of popular hair remedies and products. 


The Treatment Mask ($25), for example, is similar to all the other deep conditioners we love because it’s high slip, allows for a smooth and easy detangle, and works well with heat to deeply penetrate our hair strands.

The key difference between Pattern Beauty’s Treatment Mask and other deep conditioners, however, is that it’s clear; Meaning you can apply it to your hair and even leave the house for a few minutes without worrying about a white residue or cast sitting on your curls and coils.

You only have to wear the mask for 5-10 minutes, but the longer it sits, the more you’ll reap the strengthening and moisturizing benefits of the moringa seed extract and rice water ferment. 


The Scalp Serum ($25) shows your scalp and roots a little extra love by utilizing peppermint, rosemary, and lavender to soothe and relieve your scalp after wearing tight protective styles for a little while.

Additionally, the dermatologist-tested formula also invigorates and hydrates your scalp, creating an ideal environment for healthy hair growth. 

The Pattern Beauty Treatment Mask ($25) and Scalp Serum ($25) are available on


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