What Should I Do After Removing My Box Braids?


Believe it or not, some protective styles can put a lot of stress on your hair. Box braids in particular, when installed too tight can cause strand erosion and sometimes breakage.

The great thing about protective styles is that you give your hair a chance to take a break from manipulation and you will notice a bit of growth because you are not focused on getting your hair done daily.

Once you remove your protective style here are the five things you should do immediately after:

1. Remove the shed hair

Once all of box braid hair is out of your own hair you might notice a ton of shed hair that did not go anywhere while your hair was in braids. Add a bit of oil to your fingers and strands if that makes it easier for you to finger detangle your hair. Remove all the shed hair and prepare for cleansing.

2. Pre-poo

For me since I was already adding oil to my strands and detangling the natural next step is to pre-poo for about 15 minutes using a heat cap. The oils start the strengthening process and the oil protects the strands from being stripped when you shampoo.

For the more effective pre-poo, cover with a heat cap for 15-20 minutes.


Use a sulfate free shampoo to cleanse your scalp, if you have buildup then you can use a clarifying shampoo on your scalp to get rid of any debris on the scalp.

4. Deep condition

After box braids, your hair will need all the strength it can get so choose a deep conditioner that has protein in it that will replace any lost protein your hair may have had from your install.

5. Pick a low tension style

The next style you choose for your hair should be one that s stress-free without any tension on your crown or edges. A loose style or a simple bun for the week could do your hair a bit of good.

Featured image: @selineallen


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