Would You Rock Winter White Faux Locs?


Would you rock winter white faux locs? I have heard mixed opinions on the trend, some women say – Why not?! And others, it is a for sure “hell no”!

I took the liberty of creating a picture based list of women who have dared to wear the style, check them out below:

  1. @hairbysusy is the stylist behind the below picture that actually went viral a few months ago! I loved this look!

2. @locsbyalex decided to mix her white locs with a little black and it gives her hair just the right edge for the style

3. I literally saw @sh_nique on Instagram today and her picture is making its rounds! I think she is gorgeous!

4. The below style was my least fave of the bunch only because of the loose hair in the front but I still like the white locs against her skin.

5. @astoldbybrittanyd (I think this is her) has never been afraid to play with her style and honestly the white faux locs mixed in with her gorgeous makeup is on point!

6. Below is another edgy look which shows what the locs look like styled with shaved sides!

7. The below are actually box braids but I decided to add them to the list because it was my first time seeing Winter white box braids.

Which was your fave? And would you rock this color?


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