3 Simple Tricks to Naturally Grow Hair Fast


Hair growth can be one of the most tedious experiences in a woman’s life. Even when you seem to be treating your strands like gold, your hair remains stubborn and stunted. This is especially frustrating for the curly girls among us, and even though nbr hair extensions are a brilliant short term solution, we really just want our natural hair to grow!

If you are feeling like your hair isn’t growing as fast as you would like, then perhaps you need to consider taking drastic action to reach your ultimate hair goals. These three simple tricks will help to make your hair appear healthier and, in turn, will promote hair growth.

1. Assess your hair styling routine

If you are after lustrous, long hair, but you are forever blow drying maybe using something similar to a Cheap Dyson Hair Dryer, straightening and washing your hair; your hair is not going to grow very fast. It’s not that harsh chemicals and heat damage stops your hair from physically growing, it’s just that you are weakening your hair shafts and causing the ends to break off – making your hair appear as if it isn’t growing at all.

Really think carefully about your hair care routine and take a natural approach. Gels, shampoos, hair dyes and unnecessary chemicals will damage and dry your hair and prevent growth.
How to do it?

?If you are washing your hair nearly every day, then leave an extra day in between so your hair can lavish in the sebum naturally produced by your scalp which will moisturize your hair and help it remain healthy.

?If you can, try to cut out all chemicals like sulfates (notorious for drying hair, especially curly hair), silicones, parabens and all the rest of it. Chemicals like this superficially make your hair feel soft but damage it in the long run.

?If you’re brave enough, cut out the shampoo completely and instead, opt for co-only washing. The conditioner only method still cleans your hair effectively without drying it out, helping your hair to retain length.

Tip: make sure you get your hands on a silicone-free conditioner, otherwise your hair will be coated and feel greasy.

?Find some heat-free styles that you can fall back on when you’re experiencing the inevitable bad-hair-days. This will save you from reaching to the heat to help tame your mane.

2. Oils, oils, oils

I mean, this one is pretty self-explanatory, but it’s probably one of the most important tips to grow strong, healthy hair fast. Oils provide your hair with the moisture it needs to grow longer and remain healthy. You can also warm up the oils to make a hot oil treatment for your hair.

Massage oils into your scalp and run it through to the ends of your hair. Depending what oil you decide to use, this can help resolve scalp problems like dandruff and dry scalp.

What oils are the best for hair growth?

There are lots of different oils out there, and admittedly, some are better than others at helping your hair grow:

?Black Jamaican Castor Oil is probably the best oil to grow hair fast. It’s thick in consistency and helps to resolve a number of different scalp problems.

Massage this oil into your scalp for five minutes and let the oil sink in. You can even run the remaining oil from your hands through the length of your hair to give it a through moisture kick.

Tip: don’t use too much of this oil because it’s really thick. It can be hard to remove completely from your hair.

?Coconut oil is another renowned oil for hair growth. This oil contains anti-bacterial properties, again making it great for scalp conditions.

It’s a thin oil making it easier to absorb into your hair strands and is arguably easier to wash out after use. Massage coconut oil into your scalp and run through the length of your hair for best results.

?Argan oil is another moisture rich oil that will work wonders for hair growth. It penetrates deep into the hair shaft to ensure your hair always feels incredible. Argan oil is well-known for it’s properties to prevent split ends and so will work wonders for those wanting to grow their hair.

If you do try using an oil treatment on your hair, make sure to use a sulfate-free shampoo on top of your oily hair before stepping into the shower. Once the oil gets wet, it will stick to your hair shaft and will appear greasy. Instead, scrub shampoo on your oily hair, then rinse as normal.

3.Fake it til you make it

Don’t get disheartened if your hair is taking a little while to grow. It probably means that it has become unhealthy or damaged and needs extra moisture. Once your hair becomes healthy, it will start to grow surprisingly fast.

There are other, natural alternatives to make your hair appear longer while you wait for your hair to catch up to your desired length. Why not try using clip-in hair extensions and weave to give your hair some extra length? This way, you’re giving your natural hair a break and you are giving yourself the options to be experimental with your look.

Always go for all-natural hair extensions and weave because it will match the texture and appearance of your hair and will last so much longer. Take a look at these natural hair extensions and weave from Xotica Hair for inspiration. Not only will hair extensions and weave make your hair look longer, it will make it appear thicker and a lot more healthy, until your natural hair catches up.

So there you have it – these are the best ways to grow your hair fast. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix to growing thick and healthy hair, it’s just a matter of maintaining a healthy hair care routine which will lead to fast hair growth. Which of these tips will you try on your hair? Let me know in the comments below.

By Hollie Jones

Hollie is the co-writer for the Hollie and the Ivy blog. She works as a freelance writer, covering a range of subjects which she is passionate about, including keeping your hair healthy, upcycling, weddings and more. She enjoys writing about these subjects and hopes that she will be able to have a positive influence on people’s lives through her work.


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