Russian Makeup Artist Transforms A Black Woman She Found In A Subway

makeup transformation

Russian makeup artist Goar found this lady whom she did not name, on the subway and decided to do a transformation on her. She said it was the first time she had ever done makeup on a woman who had ‘her look’.

Watch below:

This is the caption she had on the video and bear in mind, I had to use Google translate for it so the English may not be perfect:

The long-awaited process you were waiting, are not you? This was my first make-up for a girl with this type of appearance, and to say that I’m delighted, it’s nothing to say delighted with expressive eyes, chic eyelids, chubby lips and everything else More in detail:
Step 1: Cleanse the face
Step 2: Moisturize the skin (Embryolisse cream)
Step 3: MAC FIX Spray +
Step 4: Toning cream MAC MATCHMASTER number 9
Step 5: highlight zones – concealer MAC pro long NC40 + dimming zones tone verse from Inglot number 117

Now watch her muse react to her transformation:

In two days the transformation video has close to 1 million views and with good reason, Goar did an amazing job! Absolutely gorgeous. Follow this makeup artist on her Instagram here.


  1. I would have been more impressed if the artist had over time transformed the lady’s hair with weekly masques, daily mositurizers, monthly trims & good nutritious diet to have aided in smooth, healthy skin and lustrous beautiful, natural curls.– Along w/ the makeup.

  2. Antes del maquillaje no se veía bien. Quedó irreconocible. Excelente trabajo. Para el comentario de arriba que sugiere mascarillas para el pelo y la cara, le tocaría mantenerla por un año. Era más fácil maquillarla, jejejeje


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