Would You Try Eyebrow Wigs?



Low key I was judging this so hard you have no idea! Then I watched the below video and thought, these could actually be great for people who have lost their eyebrows for health reasons.

Basically, the eyebrows are made to look completely natural and you just stick them on over your eyebrows to make the brows look fuller.

Watch the video below:

Now that you have seen the demonstration I have a few questions. I assume that these work similar to lashes but if they do not then 1. how many times can you wear the same pair? 2. Does the adhesive wear off? 3. How do they hold up at the gym? 4. If you do have hair on your brows will the adhesive pull them off when you take off the ‘wig’?

And finally, would you try them? If you would comment below and pick up your own pair here.


  1. It’s good for people that have cancer or those with issues that cause all of their hair to fall out including their eyebrows or people with really thin eyebrows or those with oops moments when shaping theirs

  2. nope, i already have problems with those i was given at birth. I have enough to gove for free. but, it would be great for people who suffer from certain illnesses that casues hair loss


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