Shook! – This Conair Shower Head Brush Might Be A Game Changer

Conair Shower head brush

Y’all! I am a product junkie of sorts! Years ago I used to get pretty excited about new lines, new labels specifically when it comes to moisture based products. These days I much prefer products that aren’t so fancy on the outside but of high quality on the inside. In addition to that, I am a tool junkie hands down, so it was no surprise to me that I was drawn to this little Conair Shower Head Brush.

I have always detangled my hair in the shower under a stream of water. (If you haven’t tried that yet you should) The water literally melts the tangles in your hair.

This shower head brings those two concepts together with one tool.

Watch this demonstration by Kimberly Cherrell below:

Cute right?

Some of my concerns are the same as Kimberly’s.

1. How does the shower head hold up over time?
2. What was her shedding like?
3. Can you use it with your regular shower head?

If you want to try it, grab it here. Comment below and let me know if you would try it!


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