Slutty Vegan From Aisha “Pinky” Cole Reaches $100 Million Valuation

Slutty Vegan
Photo credit: The Bitter Southerner

Slutty Vegan is reaching new heights.

The founder and CEO, Aisha “Pinky” Cole, recently announced that she had raised over $25 million through Series A funding.

In effect, this has taken the valuation of Slutty Vegan to a clean $100 million.

The significant investors who helped Aisha reach this milestone are Enlightened Hospitality Investments from Danny Meyer and New Voices Fund from Richelieu Dennis.

Goals Worth Having

Slutty Vegan
Photo credit: Facebook – Slutty Vegan

While the $100 million valuation is impressive, it’s not Aisha’s end goal.

She plans to make it a billion-dollar brand.

This might happen if the brand continues scaling at this rate because the brand has only existed for 4 years.

Worthwhile Partners

Slutty Vegan
Photo credit: Facebook – Slutty Vegan ATL

Aisha is delighted to team up with Danny Meyer because she believes he is the Michael Jordan of food.

And Meyer’s portfolio speaks for itself: he owns the ever-popular Shake Shack food chain and has formed a few Michelin-starred restaurants.

With his guidance and Aisha’s vision, the sky is their limit.

From Humble Beginnings

Slutty Vegan
Photo credit: Facebook – Slutty Vegan ATL

By the end of this year, Aisha hopes to launch close to a dozen new restaurants before the year ends.

She also plans to open another 10 restaurants next year.

But you wouldn’t think a brand so famous would have started in such a humble way.

Aisha “Pinky” Cole started the restaurant in 2018 in a shared kitchen.

The brand became popular quickly, and Aisha was soon able to acquire a food truck.

The food truck was also a hit, and in a few months, the first brick-and-mortar Slutty Vegan restaurant opened.

How Did Slutty Vegan Become So Popular?

Slutty Vegan
Photo credit: Facebook – Slutty Vegan

The brand offers vegan food that meat-eaters love.

The offerings look like regular meaty foods.

They are also as delicious as they look.

This makes Slutty Vegan’s offerings a yummy choice for meat-eaters trying to go vegan.

After all, they won’t feel like they are sacrificing too much.

With the meteoric rise of Slutty Vegan, it is only a matter of time until one of its restaurants opens in an area near you.


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