Gabriel Union Responds To Comments About Her Daughter’s Hair – “That child’s hair is never done!”

Gabriel Union Responds to critic's about Kaavia's hair

In a recent exclusive interview with Madame Noire, Gabrielle Union addressed the comments she often receives about her two-year-old Kaavia’s natural hair.

This is what she shared:

“I see comments where they’re like, ‘That child’s hair is never done,’” Union explained. “And it is done, I just don’t chase her around making sure that we document her looking super, super done every single day. You’ll see her like that on occasion.”

Union said Kaavia likes to swim every day, so even when her hair is done in the morning, she’ll end up swimming later in the day.

“Kaav is going to run around here during a pandemic after swim class and it’s going to be what it is,” she said.

Gabriel union and Kaavia James

“You’ll see her natural curls. You’ll also see that they’re going to be moisturized. That’s more of what I care about, hair health, not the style.”

“It’s not going to be picture perfect or whatever people feel that means. I’m human,” Union added.

In fact, Union’s been embracing her own natural hair after admitting that she “hated” her curls in the past, she said in an interview with People.

“It’s one thing to say, ‘Oh your hair is beautiful as it is while you’re getting a relaxer every six weeks,” she said. “What you say and what you’re doing don’t match.” (In case you’re not familiar, relaxer is a product that makes hair easier to straighten by chemically “relaxing” naturally tight curls.)

Union hasn’t relaxed her hair since her early 30s. Instead, she’s been “growing it out, loving my own texture, [and] loving my own curls,” to set an example for her daughter—it’s just one reason she came out with her own natural hairline, Flawless Curls by Gabrielle Union.


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Now we just know we not out here policing Kaavia’s hair? Haven’t we learned anything from Blu Ivey, let that baby be!


  1. So happy with Gabrielle she has taught black women so much by being in touch with her true self. She said she worked on herself and I feel so blessed so proud that she has shared this with other black women. This has been a game changer for women who have not been self assured in the past. I wish her and her family a well of good. She has blessed so many without even knowing it.


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