This Black Woman Built A Million-Dollar Real Estate Portfolio By 30

Ayesha Selden, the self-dubbed ‘#WealthTwitter’s fav auntie’, i

Ayesha Selden, the self-dubbed ‘#WealthTwitter’s fav auntie’, is the true definition of a self-made real estate magnate and Black Excellence.

The real estate investor started her journey to becoming a millionaire from the age of 18 years. Now, at 42, Ayesha owns over 40 rental properties.

The trailblazer has also started teaching the youth the importance of owning property and what it takes to get started.

In a recent podcast interview, Ayesha shared her sentiments on being a disciplined investor.

According to her, there are steps to the real estate game, so one has to condition themselves as a saver first.

You can’t just become a disciplined investor overnight. You have to master the art of saving first. In any case, how can you become a landlord if you haven’t saved any capital?

If you can’t figure out how to reserve cash, you will lose your residence and destroy your credibility.

Therefore, learn how to be a disciplined saver first, then an investor, and ultimately a disciplined investor.

Ayesha’s Entry into Real Estate

Ayesha was raised by a single mom in what the media dubbed the most under-resourced communities in South Philly. At 18 years, her family decided to move to a more resourceful area.

Instinctively, Ayesha asked her mother not to sell their home but to rent it out. She believed that the once ‘most under-resourced area’ would turn around and that her mother’s house would become valuable.

She was right.

However, her mother was nervous about finding a reliable tenant and sold the house for $35,000 in 1997.

Within ten years of selling, the house became worth ten times the amount she sold it for, and today it is probably valued at about $500k to $650k.

Ayesha has never forgotten that moment. If anything, she has used it as a motivation to become a competent investor.

She started her journey into real estate at 24. She lived with her parents throughout college so she could save enough money to buy her own home, and she did just that.

She purchased a foreclosure in Philadelphia for $67,000 using her savings, revamped the place, moved in, and found a reliable roommate who practically paid the mortgage.

Ayesha saved more cash, invested in equities and purchased her first rental estate two years later. That house became integral in her building a real estate portfolio.

In 2011, Ayesha used the equity from her first house to acquire and rehab more properties. She now has more than 40 units valued at over five million dollars.

Ayesha’s Ascent to A Real Estate Magnate

Even though the prosperous investor has a multi-million-dollar real estate portfolio, Ayesha still works as a Private Wealth Advisor.

She helps aspiring investors to manage their capital since this has always been effortless for her.

As a kid, money made sense to Ayesha. With her mother struggling to make ends meet, she ensured that she saved every dollar for a more abundant future.

However, it was not until she got a job at a bank that she expanded her view of money. She saw people coming in with millions investing in stock, mutual funds, and other assets and decided to transition from saver to an investor.

By her 30th birthday, Ayesha had amassed over a million dollars in property.

Even though Ayesha has a plethora of investments in her portfolio, real estate is her favorite. It gives her a sense of comfort and pride knowing she has over 30 properties.

She has also published a digital guide where she helps individuals build their wealth to 7+ figures.


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