This Is A Rihanna Street Style Appreciation Post Period

Rihanna shopping at the supermarket

Rihanna is clearly ready for the Summer and has been burning up the street with cute Fulani braids and a fire outfit just about every day.

Her street styles have the blogs buzzing with Elle Magazine noting that Rihanna has been photographed out frequently the past couple of weeks, showing off the many sides of her street style while going out to dinner in Los Angeles.

She has worn slip dresses, all-pastel looks, black slit mini skirts, and animal print ensembles. Every outfit has been masterful, but that’s just Rihanna for you.

Despite her fashion icon status, the singer does get nervous in front of cameras. Rihanna opened up to British Vogue last year about the anxiety she has doing red carpet events and how debilitating it can be. “Oh, I’m nervous before even getting in the car to go to something.

It can be devastating. And when I pull up to the red carpet, I’m like…” she said, imitating crisis breathing in the interview. “Are you kidding me?

I left the Grammys one time [in 2016]. Left! In the middle of my hair and makeup. My hair half up, half of my lash on…” Rihanna was supposed to perform that year and ultimately was reported to have pulled out because of issues with her voice rather than anxiety.

“Being on camera, being in a room full of celebrities is still not normal for me, by the way,” she said.

Here are some of our favorite looks so far:

The jeans Skirt

On this random day of shopping, she wore a short jean mini skirt, open printed top, pink bra, a gold choker, metallic stilettos, and sunglasses with a neon green face mask.

The Slip Dress

Layered up

One thing about Rihanna, she will layer up and it literally just works!

All black everything

Can we talk about this look though!
Rihanna street style all black everything

Pretty in pastels

This number was also high up there on our “gotta have it” list! Every girl needs a pants suit like this!
Rihanna street style at dinner pastel pants

Rihanna street style at dinner pants suit

A touch of animal print

If you do not like animal print then I do not know what to tell you! Do you see this coat sis?!
Rihanna street style at dinner

Comment below and let us know which outfit is your favorite!


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