6 Must Have Body Care Tools For Soft, Even-Tone Skin

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I think it’s safe to say that a vast majority of us have at least one thing we’d like to improve on our body.

For some women, it’s cellulite and stretch marks; for others, it’s acne scars and discoloration on their back or chest; and some of us even have longstanding issues with chronically dry or rough skin. 

While the solutions for each of these issues may vary, one thing is certain: a good body care routine is absolutely necessary.

And what’s a good body care routine without the right shower and bath tools to match? Try implementing one of these 6 body care tools into your daily routine for soft, even-tone skin. 

Ayate Washcloth

Ayate Washcloth

Made with fibers from agave plants, these naturally coarse exfoliating ayate washcloths are great for rejuvenating skin by removing dead skin cells and toxins, improving circulation, and brightening dull skin.

The best part about these cloths is that they are gentle on the skin, so none of the downsides of exfoliation—like skin irritation—are really present.

Most of them are inexpensive, hand-woven,  and easy to clean which means you can expect them to last up to six months and still be relatively easy to replace. 

Dry Body Brush

Dry body brush

From washing and exfoliating to applying our favorite cold cream after a hot shower, it’s safe to say that a majority of our body care involves moisture.

Dry brushing, however, is the exception you absolutely should make. A dry brush is a tool that has soft, yet firm bristles that treat cellulite, remove dead skin cells, improve circulation, and smooth rough, uneven skin.

All you have to do is gently brush your skin before your morning shower and the benefits are immediately (and abundantly!) clear.

Silicone Body Scrubber

silicone rubber body scrubber

For those of you who are not a fan of using towels and brushes for body care because they’re more likely to be hotspots for all kinds of bacteria, silicone body scrubbers are for you.

Made with hypoallergenic, antimicrobial materials, these convenient, jelly-like scrubbers remove all the dirt and grime from your body without leaving it in the bristles.

This means that you can use these frequently, clean them easily, and not worry too much about having to replace them so soon after purchasing. 

Pumice Stone

pumice stone

When discussing how to look and feel our best, way too many people overlook properly caring for their feet!

Admittedly, it can be a bit of a hassle to get spa-quality foot care at home, but adding a pumice stone to your routine would definitely make it a little easier.

Made of lava and water, pumice stones are gently abrasive rocks that treat calluses and corns to give you soft, smooth feet.

Whether you’re caring for your own feet full time or just need a touch-up between pedicures, these exfoliating stones will get the job done.

Mesh Body Cloth

Mesh body cloth

I know what you’re thinking, what’s the real difference between an ayate cloth and a mesh cloth? Don’t they both wash and exfoliate?

Well, yes they do, but the main difference is the feeling of the fabric. Remember those throwback loofah sponges that used to come in nearly everybody wash kit?

It’s very similar to that but in towel form. Mesh cloths are gentle enough to use for daily exfoliating without irritating the skin and they work well with oil-based shower gels and moisturizers. 

Body Spin Brush

Body spin brush

Spin brushes are already super popular in skincare, but did you know they make brushes big enough to take care of your body needs, too?

Yup, it’s true!

They do all the same things facial spin brushes do, like deep cleanse, buff and smooth rough patches of skin, and visibly reduce the size of pores.

The great thing about body spin brushes is that it’s never just the brush; They often come equip with 3 or 4 additional attachments especially for your back, legs, face, and of course—those feet!


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