This Is Not A Drill! Alikay Naturals Black Friday Sale Is Happening Now And Its EPIC!


Calling all beauty enthusiasts: Alikay’s Black Friday is happening…wait for it…NOW.

Sure, you are in the middle of family festivities and might be knee-deep in pumpkin pie recipes, but please allow us to interrupt your regular scheduling programming to give you early access to this out-of-this-world deal.

Best believe Alikay understood the assignment.

From November 25th to 26th, the popular beauty and lifestyle brand will help you save up to 40% off on all their beauty, feminine, skincare, and hair care products.

But, we’re going to level with you.

With a laundry list of deals and so little time, finding the best beauty product for your buck can be, well, daunting.

Don’t fret. We have you covered.

Keep scrolling to shop our favorite Alikay Naturals Black Friday beauty deals of 2021.

Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner

Price: Normally $13.99 Now $8.39

Size: 8OZ, 16OZ

If you’ve been struggling with dry, frizzy, or tangled hair, your conditioner, or lack thereof, might be the culprit.

To put it bluntly, if you haven’t grabbed yourself a leave-in conditioner yet, you are missing out on what could be better curl days.

Alikay’s Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner is loaded with ingredients necessary to tame frizz and flyaways, promote healthy hair growth, seal in moisture, and make your hair feel silky and shiny all day long.

Users say it’s a serious multitasker for dry hair and makes their curls softer and effortless to style.

Moreover, the signature lemongrass scent is incredibly revitalizing!

Honey & Sage Deep Conditioner

Price: Normally $16.99 Now $10.19

Size: 8OZ, 16OZ

Need some hair TLC? Try this Honey & Sage Deep Conditioner by Alikay Naturals.
Packed with world-class ingredients, the all-natural deep conditioning treatment delivers maximum moisture to dry and damaged hair.

The honey works to pull in moisture from the air into your tresses and seals it into every strand, while Babassu, sage, and extra virgin olive oil penetrate your follicles to help repair and define your curls.

For optimal benefits, you can combine the conditioner with the Blended Therapy Hot Oil Treatment.

Plus, at 40% off, it’s hard not to add it to your cart.

Amazing Black Bar Soap – Set of 7

Price: Normally $62.99 Now $54.99

It doesn’t matter if you want to use this on your face or body to fade blemishes, heal breakouts, and soothe eczema, this REAL African Black Soap promises to do it all.

Its minimalist ingredient list contains all-natural options with no added fragrances or sulfates, making it the ideal pick for sensitive skin.

Oh, and they make great gifts too! Grab 7 and stuff them in a few stockings!

Aloe Berry Styling Gel

Price: Normally $10.99 Now $6.59

Size: 8OZ, 160Z

If you are looking to dip your toes, or rather, edges back into the gel pool, this Aloe Berry Styling el goodness is the way to go!

Featuring an impressive 98% naturally derived ingredients, the Alikay secret to defined edges provides you with a medium-light, weightless hold minus the flakes.

Did we mention it also smells heavenly?

Jamaican Fruit Scented Body Oils Set of 3

Price: Normally $23.99 Now $20.99

There’s undoubtedly nothing better than slathering yourself in a yummy-smelling, body-hugging body oil – if you haven’t tried it, you’re in for a treat.

Unlike standard body lotions, silky body oils like this Alikay’s Jamaican Fruit Scented Body Oils Set immerse themselves into your skin, leaving you incredibly glowy and super hydrated.

They’re also non-greasy and effortless to apply – you just need your hands, and you’ll get instant results. Hello, glow!

Knots Be Gone Hair Detangler

Price: Normally $13.99 Now $8.39

Size: 80Z, 160Z

Give knots a good ‘ol kick with this botanically-infused hair detangler.

Formulated with calming jasmine, marshmallow root, aloe vera, hibiscus flower, and grape seed extract, the featherweight formula calms frizz, refines ringlets, and adds shine, all without feeling greasy or sticky.

Use it as a traditional rinse-out conditioner if you have loose curls or a leave-in conditioner if you have tighter textures.

It also works delightfully well on kids’ hair too and pairs perfectly with the Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner.

HER by Alikay Naturals Box Set

Price: Normally $39.99 Now $23.99

Not sure what to gift your sister or cousin this season? No worries. Alikay Naturals has you covered with this curated HER Box Set.

Specifically formulated for women, the feminine care package contains the entire HER collection.

It includes Foaming Feminine Wash (Normal), Foaming Feminine Wash (Sensitive), Feminine Refreshing Spray (Normal), and the Feminine Refreshing Spray (Sensitive).

The formulas are potent yet gentle and formulated with pineapple and other natural elements that help you embrace your femininity unapologetically.

You can bestow the complete set upon your loved one or share the love in the form of stocking stuffers.

The LOC Method Kit Shea Yogurt

Price: Normally $36.99 Now $32.99

Fixing dry hair needs hair-pampering ingredients that can revive tired, overworked strands, restore salon-worthy shine and soften hair that needs some much-needed TLC, and this LOC method Kit Shea Yogurt does precisely that.

It includes the Lemongrass Leave-in Conditioner that delivers a potent dose of hydration, the Shine Crave Hair Glosser that seals in moisture, and the Shea Yogurt Hair Moisturizer that leaves your hair softer, shinier, and more manageable than ever!

It’s silicon and sulfate-free, too, making it the ideal pick-me-up for type 4C hair.

The pocket-friendly price and tropical fragrances are just additional bonuses.

So, what are you waiting for? Head out to Alikay Naturals and grab yourself these products while the Black Friday deals last!

This post is sponsored by Alikay Naturals but all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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