Vanessa Bryant Files Four Trademark Applications for Wine Brand


Vanessa Bryant, the widow of husband and NBA great Kobe Bryant, is planning to launch a wine brand.

Using Kobe Bryant’s estate, she has filed four trademark applications that all include the brand name “Mamba Vino”.

Specifically, the four trademarks are: MAMBA VINO, MAMBA VINO 8, MAMBO VINO 24, and MAMBO VINO 2024.

This news was revealed through a tweet by trademark attorney Josh Gerben.

He revealed that Kobe Bryant LLC, which Vanessa Bryant owns, has filed four new trademarks.

He added that the filings were made on November 5th, and they imply that MAMBA VINO-branded wine could soon show up on store shelves.

The brand name, MAMBO VINO, is a reference to the NBA Hall of Famer’s nickname, “Black Mamba”.

Kobe had given himself the moniker as a representation of his undoubted prowess on the court.

MAMBO VINO is also a reference to Vino, Kobe’s lesser-known nickname.

A friend apparently referred to him as Vino after a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves in 2013.

His friend reasoned that, like a fine wine, Kobe’s game was only getting better with age.

That’s not all the references. Even the numbers are relevant to the NBA legend. They pay tribute to his jersey numbers, 8 and 24.

MAMBO VINO is just the latest venture by Vanessa Bryant.

Last month, she filed trademark applications for KB24 to create t-shirts, food/drink containers, sports cards, TV shows, podcasts, movies, music, documentaries, training camps, websites, broadcasting platforms, and digital collectible items.

After the tragic deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant, Vanessa has worked tirelessly with various launching initiatives and companies.

Early this year, she registered various trademarks, including “Mamba Sports Academy”, “Lil Mambas”, “Lady Mambas”, and “Mambacita”.

Vanessa also collaborated with Dannijo to launch a unisex collection. All of its proceeds have gone to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation.


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