Tie-Dye Nail Art Is The Beauty Trend You Need To Try


Have you tried tie-dye nail art yet? We all know that tie-dye is a staple for the Spring and Summer months especially these days with most of us doing fun projects at home. 

According to the Refinary29 blog, search for “Tie-Dye, anything” is up over 400% these days which has reignited the look across fashion and within the nail space.

With that said the tie-dye nail art trend is particularly popping this season and if you want something else to try the next time you get your nails done check out some inspo below:

Tie-Dye Nails Look 1


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Tie-dye Nails Look 2


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Tie-Dye Look 3


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Tie-Dye Look 4


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Tie-Dye Look 5


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Want to Try This yourself? Here is what you will need:

To achieve the tie-dye effect you will need a white base coat applied to your nails twice. After the base coat has dried you simply need to carefully paint polish onto the nails in individual swirls or dots, start with your first color, and then your second color striping with a precision brush through the center to create a spiral effect.

After you are satisfied with your pattern apply a top coat and allow your nails to completely dry! The great thing is, this technique does not require perfection, so you will find that every imperfect attempt may be different and come out even better than the last.

Need some inspiration? Check these looks out:

[Via GH] How to do tie-dye nails with the water marble technique:

The water marbling technique is also an easy way to create tie-dye nails. “It’s a little messy, but the outcome is great and you don’t have to stress about using fancy tools or struggling when you have to work on your dominant hand,”

You need to work quickly during this process, as the polish will dry fast. “Untwist the tops so they’re ready to go,”

What you need:

  • Scotch tape
  • A cleanup brush
  • A bowl of warm water
  • A toothpick
  • Your nail polish of choice

1. Paint two coats of base color on your nails. Once dry, apply tape as close as you can to the sides of your nails and cuticles.
2. Take your first color and drop a bead of polish in the center. Continue with each of your other colors, dropping one color one top of the other.
3. Take your toothpick and gently pull from the outside of the polish circle towards the center. “You don’t need to pull it in too far,” Torello says.
4. Dip your nail into the design. Before you pull your nail out, take your toothpick and swirl in the polish that’s around your nail to remove the polish from the water. This helps to keep the polish off your finger.
5. Continue on all nails. When you’re done, take off the tape and clean up with your brush and remover. Finally, add a topcoat.

If you need more visuals, check out these three youtube videos that we found particularly easy to follow.

Here is one:

and this one:

and finally this one:

Have you tried tie-dye nails yet? Comment below and let us know!



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