Tonique Clay Opens Biggest Black Woman-Owned Seafood Restaurant Franchise

Tonique Clay
Photo credit: Travel Noire

Tonique Clay has debuted the country’s biggest Black woman-owned seafood restaurant franchise!

Krab Queenz is Tonique Clay’s creation and has already made history.

Launching and Helping Communities

Tonique Clay
Photo credit: Facebook – Krab Queenz Los Angeles

Krab Queenz’s new 11,000-square-foot restaurant had its grand opening in Harlem, New York.

Initially based in Louisiana, the franchise is becoming a quick favorite among seafood lovers.

This is thanks to the franchise’s delicious cuisines and countrywide community initiatives.

Tonique Clay’s franchise has gained increasing support that has allowed it to expand to multiple cities and states, including:

  • Atlanta
  • Houston
  • Jackson
  • Hattiesburg
  • Baton Rouge

According to Tonique Clay, Krab Queenz is proud of the superior dining experience it gives all of its customers.

She wants every customer to feel like they are part of the Krab Queenz family on top of enjoying the stellar dishes.

This, according to Tonique, is the southern way of doing things.

And with the new location in Harlem, she hopes to raise the bar.

Dapper Dan is the Harlem Ambassador

Tonique Clay
Photo credit: Facebook – Dapper Dan

To help introduce Krab Queenz to the locals, Tonique Clay enlisted Dapper Dan to become the brand’s local consultant and ambassador.

The fashion designer showed off his expertise through the Harlem restaurant’s staff uniforms and various aspects of the restaurant’s design.

This makes the restaurant stand out but still feel like part of Harlem.

But Dapper Dan’s influence doesn’t end there.

His touch is also present in Krab Queenz’s community and social events.

Together, Dapper Dan and Krab Queenz have planned several celebratory events and given back to the Harlem community.

According to Tonique Clay, being able to give back is the biggest blessing for her and her restaurant franchise.

Dominating the Seafood Industry

Tonique Clay
Photo credit: Facebook – Krab Queenz Los Angeles

Tonique Clay’s franchise is constantly expanding, and this makes sense.

She personalizes all of the locations to make them feel both distinct and native to their areas.

And with the added community support, Krab Queenz is becoming one of the essential seafood franchises in the country.

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